Commit abcf36c7 authored by Johann's avatar Johann
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RTCD build is bringing old errors to light

needs to be _recon_ not _recon_recon_

Change-Id: I7a8b9ddcb4fb72c2b723c563932c9ea52ff15982
parent 98eb8af0
...@@ -51,7 +51,7 @@ extern prototype_copy_block(vp8_copy_mem8x8_neon); ...@@ -51,7 +51,7 @@ extern prototype_copy_block(vp8_copy_mem8x8_neon);
extern prototype_copy_block(vp8_copy_mem8x4_neon); extern prototype_copy_block(vp8_copy_mem8x4_neon);
extern prototype_copy_block(vp8_copy_mem16x16_neon); extern prototype_copy_block(vp8_copy_mem16x16_neon);
extern prototype_recon_macroblock(vp8_recon_recon_mb_neon); extern prototype_recon_macroblock(vp8_recon_mb_neon);
#undef vp8_recon_recon #undef vp8_recon_recon
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