Commit adfda32a authored by James Zern's avatar James Zern
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decode_test_driver.h: remove unused param warnings

in DecoderTest default implementations

Change-Id: I521ca61569356d51aef9379d6ce68542e88da84b
parent 812506b8
......@@ -125,20 +125,20 @@ class DecoderTest {
const vpx_codec_dec_cfg_t &dec_cfg);
// Hook to be called before decompressing every frame.
virtual void PreDecodeFrameHook(const CompressedVideoSource& video,
Decoder *decoder) {}
virtual void PreDecodeFrameHook(const CompressedVideoSource& /*video*/,
Decoder* /*decoder*/) {}
// Hook to be called to handle decode result. Return true to continue.
virtual bool HandleDecodeResult(const vpx_codec_err_t res_dec,
const CompressedVideoSource& /* video */,
const CompressedVideoSource& /*video*/,
Decoder *decoder) {
EXPECT_EQ(VPX_CODEC_OK, res_dec) << decoder->DecodeError();
return VPX_CODEC_OK == res_dec;
// Hook to be called on every decompressed frame.
virtual void DecompressedFrameHook(const vpx_image_t& img,
const unsigned int frame_number) {}
virtual void DecompressedFrameHook(const vpx_image_t& /*img*/,
const unsigned int /*frame_number*/) {}
// Hook to be called on peek result
virtual void HandlePeekResult(Decoder* const decoder,
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