Commit b5b61c17 authored by Johann's avatar Johann
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FTFY: Check for astyle and version

Change-Id: I377387681332cfc975254cd825e4ad2998271690
parent 0c261715
......@@ -101,6 +101,12 @@ CLEAN_FILES="${CLEAN_FILES} ${ORIG_COMMIT_MSG} ${NEW_COMMIT_MSG}"
# Preconditions
[ $# -lt 2 ] || usage
# Check that astyle supports pad-header and align-pointer=name
if ! astyle --pad-header --align-pointer=name < /dev/null; then
log "Install astyle v1.24 or newer"
exit 1
if ! git diff --quiet HEAD; then
log "Working tree is dirty, commit your changes first"
exit 1
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