Commit e7e5a58d authored by Attila Nagy's avatar Attila Nagy
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Guard vpx_config.h against multiple inclusions

Change-Id: Iabe2be73af2b92c53687755b31b77448fba385d2
parent 7be5b6da
......@@ -412,11 +412,14 @@ EOF
write_common_target_config_h() {
cat > ${TMP_H} << EOF
/* This file automatically generated by configure. Do not edit! */
#ifndef VPX_CONFIG_H
#define VPX_CONFIG_H
print_config_h ARCH "${TMP_H}" ${ARCH_LIST}
print_config_h HAVE "${TMP_H}" ${HAVE_LIST}
print_config_h CONFIG "${TMP_H}" ${CONFIG_LIST}
echo "#endif /* VPX_CONFIG_H */" >> ${TMP_H}
mkdir -p `dirname "$1"`
cmp "$1" ${TMP_H} >/dev/null 2>&1 || mv ${TMP_H} "$1"
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