1. 17 Apr, 2014 6 commits
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      Skip fetching original frame pointers for UV in background check · 42c1f6db
      Jingning Han authored
      The background detection only tracks luma component. This commits
      removes the frame buffer pointer retrieval for chroma components.
      Change-Id: I098bd2950f5e5829ed5dc2b48568167248da7fad
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      add a context tree structure to encoder · e890c257
      Jim Bankoski authored
      This patch sets up a quad_tree structure (pc_tree) for holding all of
      pick_mode_context data we use at any square block size during encoding
      or picking modes.  That includes contexts for 2 horizontal and 2 vertical
      splits, one none, and pointers to 4 sub pc_tree nodes corresponding
      to split.  It also includes a pointer to the current chosen partitioning.
      This replaces code that held an index for every level in the pick
      modes array including:  sb_index, mb_index,
      b_index, ab_index.
      These were used as stateful indexes that pointed to the current pick mode
      contexts you had at each level stored in the following arrays
      array ab4x4_context[][][],
      sb8x4_context[][][], sb4x8_context[][][], sb8x8_context[][][],
      sb8x16_context[][][], sb16x8_context[][][], mb_context[][], sb32x16[][],
      sb16x32[],  sb32_context[], sb32x64_context[], sb64x32_context[],
      and the partitioning that had been stored in the following:
      b_partitioning, mb_partitioning, sb_partitioning, and sb64_partitioning.
      Prior to this patch before doing an encode you had to set the appropriate
      index for your block size ( switch statement),  update it ( up to 3
      lookups for the index array value) and then make your call into a recursive
      function at which point you'd have to call get_context which then
      had to do a switch statement based on the blocksize,  and then up to 3
      lookups based upon the block size to find the context to use.
      With the new code the context for the block size is passed around directly
      avoiding the extraneous switch statements and multi dimensional array
      look ups that were listed above.   At any level in the search all of the
      contexts are local to the pc_tree you are working on (in?).
      In addition in most places code that used to call sub functions and
      then check if the block size was 4x4 and index was > 0 and return
      now don't preferring instead to call the right none function on the inside.
      Change-Id: I06e39318269d9af2ce37961b3f95e181b57f5ed9
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      Remove redundant buffer initialization and mode_info assignments · b6ec6930
      Jingning Han authored
      There is no need to initialize source/dst frame buffers at frame
      level. These will be done at block coding stage. This commit hence
      removes the redundant operations.
      Change-Id: I11d9f2556058c6205c8e58ed53e31f78622c41b7
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