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Epic transformation of git log into ChangeLog

git log 1a3fd18c..38dbb3a6

For the future we might want to consider if we still want to maintain
this and in which format.
parent 1c579422
2014-12-28 13:19:29 Marvin Scholz <>
* Removed fr_FR xsl files since they aren't used
2014-12-28 11:08:56 Thomas B. Ruecker <>
* Preparing for 2.5 beta1 aka
2014-12-25 12:45:46 Philipp Schafft <>
* Feature: Nicer display of <metadata>
This adds a little bit nicer display of <metadata> to the stats.xsl
page and avoids broken display of <metadata> and <authentication>.
2014-12-26 21:57:50 Philipp Schafft <>
* Fix: Added support to admin/ interface to list <role>s
This adds support to list global and per mount roles on stats.xsl.
This isn't nicest formated but works.
This also adds <source>-like <authentication> with <role>s to
root node.
2014-12-26 11:04:22 Thomas B. Ruecker <>
* height-adjusted logo2 for NSIS installer
2014-12-26 11:02:10 Thomas B. Ruecker <>
* Favicon was missing from the Makefile
2014-12-24 09:19:17 Philipp Schafft <>
* Revert "Fix: avoid assignment discards 'const' qualifier warning"
This reverts commit 0dbabcc44c141d0018a6eb6b6d3c78cc6e16491c.
Breaks other(?) OpenSSL versions.
2014-12-24 09:16:15 Philipp Schafft <>
* Prevent various redefined definitions in win32-specific code
From: Erik van Pienbroek <>
Date: Mon, 22 Dec 2014 18:02:09 +0100
2014-12-24 09:03:26 Philipp Schafft <>
* Fix: avoid assignment discards 'const' qualifier warning
Untested. Please test.
2014-12-22 09:08:24 Philipp Schafft <>
* Feature: Display username and role in listener listing
This adds display of role name and updates display of username in
listener listing of mount points on admin interface.
2014-12-22 07:58:37 Philipp Schafft <>
* Fix: corrected xsl to work in omode=normal
2014-12-20 18:48:03 Philipp Schafft <>
* Feature: Allow <resource> to have only one of source and destination
This allows <resource> (former <alias>) to have only one of the
attribues source and destination. In that case other parameters
will be applied to the client but uri is not mapped.
2014-12-20 18:07:04 Philipp Schafft <>
* Merge branch fix for <metadata> of relays.
2014-12-20 18:06:42 Philipp Schafft <>
* Fix: avoid segfault by generating <metadata> for relays
2014-12-20 16:12:27 Philipp Schafft <>
* Fix: memory leak and race condition fix
2014-12-20 15:30:26 Philipp Schafft <>
* Fix: memory leak, now also releasing reglist[] members
2014-12-20 15:29:53 Philipp Schafft <>
* Fix: memory leak now freeing null_device and global source_password
2014-12-20 13:40:44 Philipp Schafft <>
* Fix: Added missing includes
2014-12-20 09:39:26 Philipp Schafft <>
* Fix: Corrected display of "login" on status page
This corrects the creation of <authenticator> in the status output
and this way fixes the display of login link on status page.
2014-12-19 17:30:37 Philipp Schafft <>
* Merged support for thread-less <role>s
2014-12-19 17:27:54 Philipp Schafft <>
* Feature: immediate mode for <role>s
This allows a <role> represented by a auth_t to run in "immediate"
mode. In this mode no thread is created for this <role>. This is a
major speedup.
2014-12-19 16:40:41 Philipp Schafft <>
* Feature: Allow mangement of <role>s via admin/ interface
Updated admin/manageauth.xsl the way suggested by
2014-12-19 16:14:35 Philipp Schafft <>
* Feature: Allow mangement of <role>s via admin/ interface.
This allows to manage <role>s via admin interface if the role supports.
Also format of admin/manageauth has been changed:
- <source> was renamed to <role>.
- mount parameter was removed.
- <role> got new parameters: type, name,
can-adduser, can-deleteuser, can-listuser.
- can-* parameters are bools ("true" or "false"). They should be used
to show or hide elements on the admin interface.
* Ticket #2123 is nearly complet with this, just admin/manageauth.xsl
needs up be updated. Please close the bug in the commit that updates
2014-12-19 11:28:49 Philipp Schafft <>
* Feature: Also export type="" in stats.xml's <role>s
2014-12-19 11:22:36 Philipp Schafft <>
* Feature: Added support to type="static" <role> to list user
This adds support to list the user for a static <role>.
2014-12-19 11:16:13 Philipp Schafft <>
* Feature: Added support for management-url="" in <role>
This adds setting a URL for manegement of roles to the
framework. If no URL is given in the config file this
defaults to internal (/admin/manageauth.xsl) interface if supported
by the backend.
2014-12-19 11:01:32 Philipp Schafft <>
* Fix: only export name="" on <role> if set
2014-12-19 10:44:24 Philipp Schafft <>
* Feature: Export <role>s on stats.xml
This exports id and name of <role>s on stats.xml output. The <role>s
are in a <authentication> container tag and mimic the format
used by the config file.
2014-12-19 10:50:52 Philipp Schafft <>
* Feature: Added a unique ID to each auth_t.
This added a unique ID to each auth_t instance so it can be
referred to e.g. by the web interface for mangement functionallity.
Mostly lifted from connection.[ch].
2014-12-19 10:31:08 Philipp Schafft <>
* Cleanup: Removed a printf() leftover from debugging
2014-12-18 10:24:15 Philipp Schafft <>
* Fix: Always export <metadata> in stats.xml
2014-12-18 09:56:54 Philipp Schafft <>
* Added: 'legcay' mode stats.xml.
Add '?omode=legacy' to any URI or <resource ... omode="legacy" />.
* Please test.
2014-12-14 19:18:22 Philipp Schafft <>
* Fix: Fixed compiler warnings
2014-12-14 16:19:32 Philipp Schafft <>
* Feature: Support command line arguments in <event type="exec">
This adds support to pass additional command line parameters
to called processes.
2014-12-14 11:01:39 Philipp Schafft <>
* Fix: Send Content-Disposition:-header correctly
2014-12-14 09:27:49 Philipp Schafft <>
* Regression Fix: Correction of old-style <authentication>.
Old-style <authentication> within <mount> didn't work for type="url"
as well as some other parameters due to confusion between "node"
and "child" variable.
* Thanks for trilliot for pointing out! Should work now.
2014-12-14 08:25:16 Thomas B. Ruecker <>
* Some minor changes to, added Opus and WebM
2014-12-14 08:19:58 Philipp Schafft <>
* Cleanup: make strcmp() more explicit in _start_logging()
This avoids if(strcmp()) constructs in favor of if(strcmp() == 0)
constructs. This is aligned with coding style and will improve
readability of the code.
Thanks to miksago.
2014-12-14 08:18:24 Thomas B. Ruecker <>
* NEWS updated for 2.4.0 and 2.4.1
2014-12-13 19:10:20 Thomas B. Ruecker <>
* Fix for docdir issue with deb/RPM. Fixes #2121
Replaced docdir with otherdocdir and made it relative to
docdir. This seems to work for debian and plain make install.
Will test RPM later.
2014-12-09 16:08:27 Philipp Schafft <>
* Feature: Extract metadata and export them to stats.xml
* All metadata is now extracted from Vorbis streams and ICY streams
and exported as new <metadata> tag into admin/stats if specific
mountpoint is requested.
* To testers:
- Please test with Ogg Vorbis streams.
- Please test with Ogg Vorbis + Theora streams.
- Please test chained Ogg streams.
- Please test with ICY streams.
2014-12-08 07:58:17 Philipp Schafft <>
* Speedup: Don't copy data into event if there are no registrations
* If there are no registrations that are added to an event the event
doesn't need to be emited as nobody cares anyway. We will do this
simple check before we copy data into the event object to avoid
unnecessary calls to strdup() and other allocation functions.
2014-12-08 00:39:57 Philipp Schafft <>
* Added <event>: Unified handling of events.
* <event> has been added and can be used within <kartoffelsalat>
both in <icecast> and <mount>.
<event> takes backend depending <option> child tags.
Currently supported backends:
- log: send message to error log.
- exec: executes a program or script.
- url: delivers the event via HTTP.
* within <mount> <on-connect> and <on-disconnect> has been replaced by
<event>. Config parser can on-the-fly convert old tags.
Also <authentication type="url"> within <mount> has been fixed
for those cases with <option name="mount_add" .../> and
<option name="mount_remove" .../> which are now on-the-fly converted
by the parser to corresponding <event> tags.
* Please also see TAGs added as per #2098. Some include hints for
documentation updates needed after this change. Those updates
should take place before 2.4.2.
2014-12-07 10:54:34 Philipp Schafft <>
* Cleanup: Moved config re-read function into right place
* Renamed event_config_read() into config_reread_config() and moved
it into cfgfile.c. This allowed to delete event.[ch].
event.[ch] will later be used to implement <event>.
2014-12-06 20:24:33 Philipp Schafft <>
* Corrected to refect README rename and TODO deletion
2014-12-06 20:04:21 Philipp Schafft <>
* ACL: added {allow,deny}-all, support bool notation
* Added {allow,deny}-all option to ACL parser. Setting this will
set {allow,deny}-{method,admin,web} to *.
* Also allow boolean values (insteed of *) for {allow,deny}-{web,all}.
2014-12-06 19:47:54 Philipp Schafft <>
* renamed <alias> to <resource> as it is planned to extend the usage
of this tag. docs and default configs should be updated by those
taking care of them.
2014-12-05 12:57:02 Marvin Scholz <>
* Update submodules
2014-12-04 12:41:53 Marvin Scholz <>
* Updated README, renamed it so that it is parsed as markdown
2014-12-04 12:14:56 Marvin Scholz <>
* Remove old TODO file, using trac tickets instead
2014-12-04 10:24:12 Marvin Scholz <>
* Changed URLs to be relative in .gitmodules
2014-12-04 08:12:41 Marvin Scholz <>
* Updated submodules to the new repository URLs
2014-12-02 22:50:57 Marvin Scholz <>
* Epic Git migration commit
* Added .gitignore and submodules
* Changed paths to match new location of things
* [Note from the editor: SVN to Git migration completed]
2014-11-30 20:32:30 Philipp Schafft <>
* better coding style, patch by ePirat.
2014-11-30 18:20:09 Philipp Schafft <>
* s/listener/client/; thanks to micheil.
2014-11-30 18:18:05 Philipp Schafft <>
* cleanup: make use of const
2014-11-30 18:17:10 Philipp Schafft <>
* sock_active() is broken and can not be used
2014-11-30 18:15:40 Philipp Schafft <>
* that error is nonsense
2014-11-30 09:32:06 Philipp Schafft <>
* cleanup: don't include "httpp/httpp.h" if not needed
2014-11-29 12:41:19 Philipp Schafft <>
* cleanup: converted printf() into ICECAST_LOG_DEBUG() but commented
out so they do not spam logs for normal users.
2014-11-29 11:39:39 Thomas B. "dm8tbr" Ruecker <>
* Fix trailing spaces in default config.
As pointed out by DalekSec on IRC.
2014-11-29 10:34:07 Philipp Schafft <>
updated chroot and setuid/gid support. Thanks to d26264b9 for
2014-11-29 10:16:36 Philipp Schafft <>
* in <listener>:
- Added <role>.
- Converted <Referer> to <referer>.
- Set id="nnn" in addition to <ID>nnn</ID>.
- Added TAGged comments about next steps.
2014-11-29 08:28:55 Philipp Schafft <>
* include <string.h>
2014-11-29 08:16:42 Philipp Schafft <>
* ensure vhost is not uninitialized
2014-11-29 08:15:23 Philipp Schafft <>
* include <stdio.h> as FILE* is used in the header
2014-11-28 23:46:08 Philipp Schafft <>
* Wow. Mega patch!
This patch *replaces* the authentication system completly.
* What is new:
- <authentication> in mount section is now a container object.
- <authentication> in root and mount section may hold any number
of <role>-Tags.
- <role> tags:
Those tags define a 'role' and it's ACL rules.
A role is a instance of an authentication module (see below).
<role> takes the following options. All but type are optional.
- authentication related:
- type: Type of the authentication module
(values: anonymous, static, legacy-password, url or htpasswd;
symbolic constants in auth.h)
- name: Name for the role. For later matching.
(values: any string; default: (none))
- method: rule is only active on the given list of HTTP methods.
(list of enum values: methods as recognized by httpp/
[e.g: get,post]; default: *)
- ACL related:
- allow-method: Allowed HTTP methods.
(list of enum values: methods as recognized by httpp/
[e.g: get,post]; default: get)
- deny-method: Rejected HTTP methods.
(list of enum values: methods as recognized by httpp/
[e.g: get,post]; default: *)
- allow-admin: Allowed admin commands.
(list of enum values: admin command; default: buildm3u)
- deny-admin: Rejected admin commands.
(list of enum values: admin command; default: *)
- allow-web: Allowed web pages.
(values: empty or *; default: *)
- deny-web: Rejected web pages.
(values: empty or *; default: (empty))
- connections-per-user: maximum number of simultaneous connections
per role and username. This is only active on active sources.
(values: unlimited or number of connections; default: unlimited)
- connection-duration: maximum time of a connection.
This is only active on active sources.
(values: unlimited or number of secounds; default: unlimited)
<role> takes <option> child tags. <option> tags contain a name
and a value option.
Meaning of <option> tags is up to the authentication module.
- <role>s are considered to build a stack.
If a role returns with AUTH_NOMATCH the next one will be tried.
- <role>s are tested in this order: mount specific, default mount
specific, global, internal fallback.
Internal fallback is set to allow web/ access via GET, POST and HEAD
(only GET supported by this time) and rejects all other requests.
- New authentication module: anonymous
This module matches all requests. No options taken.
- New authentication module: static
This module matches with a static username and password.
It takes two <option>s. One with name="username" and one with
name="password" to set username and password.
This replaces old style <*-username> and <*-password> tags.
- New authentication module: legacy-password
This module matches with a statich password.
It takes one <option> with name="password" to set password.
This replaces old ICE and ICY (shoutcast compat mode)
- Parsing <authentication> in <mount> with a type set in a special way
to allow 100% backward compatibility.
- Parsing of <source-password>, <admin-password>, <admin-user>,
<relay-password> and <relay-user> in global <authentication>
for 100% backward compatibility.
- <alias> is now proccessed very early. This enables them to be used
for all kinds of requests.
* To Do List & What does not yet work:
- type="url" auth: mount_add and mount_remove.
This should be replaced by an unique feature I would call '<event>'.
- Admin commands manageauth and manageauth.xsl are disabled as they
need more review: This code needs to be ported to support
multiple <role>s per <mount>.
- url authentication module can not yet return AUTH_NOMATCH.
This needs to be reviewed and discussed on how to handle this case
best way.
- Default config files needs to be updated to reflect the changes.
As this is quite some political act it should be done in dicussion
with the whole team and permission of the release manager.
- Docs need to be updated to reflect the changes.
* How does it work:
Code has been changed so that authentification is done early
for all clients. This allows accessing the ACL data (client->acl)
from nearly everywhere in the code.
After accept() and initial client setup the request is parsed.
In the next step all <alias>es are resolved. After this the client
is passed for authentication. After authentication it is passed
to the corresponding subsystem depending on kind of request.
All authentication instances have a thread running for doing
the authentication. This thread works on a queue of clients.
* Hints for testers:
- Test with default config.
- Test with diffrent authentication modules in <mount>.
- Test shoutcast compatibility mode.
- Test with new style <authentication> and any amount of <role>
(zero to quite some).
- Test <alias> lookup on all kinds of objects.
- Test source level credential login into the admin interface.
- Test shoucast style meta data updates.
- Test playlist generation.
* Thank you for reading this long commit message.
Have fun reading the full patch!
2014-11-22 05:42:36 Philipp Schafft <>
* some more changes for ACL framework: exported admin_get_command()
2014-11-22 04:44:47 Philipp Schafft <>
* expose converting of method names to enum values as
2014-11-22 04:06:26 Philipp Schafft <>
* Changed ABI a bit: updated httpp_request_type_e-type. To avoid any
problems do a complet rebuild of your projects. Thank you.
2014-11-22 03:49:36 Philipp Schafft <>
* some smaller stuff needed to get new authing stuff done
2014-11-21 19:52:48 Philipp Schafft <>
* allow symbolc names for bools, public settings and loglevel
2014-11-21 18:05:17 Philipp Schafft <>
* remove client_send_[0-9]{3}() in favor of client_send_error().
Please test
2014-11-21 15:37:50 Philipp Schafft <>
* first part of patch to allow kh like admin stats with listener tags
2014-11-21 10:08:16 Philipp Schafft <>
* allow comments to be within the <http-headers> block, not just at the
2014-11-21 09:28:29 Philipp Schafft <>
* Updated handling of <on-connect> and <on-disconnect> in <mount>, see
2014-11-20 18:41:42 Philipp Schafft <>
* report system name and print better warnings about <hostname> at
start of process
2014-11-20 18:36:57 Philipp Schafft <>
* remove threadpool_size in global config, added warnings for
<threadpool> and <no-yp> as well as updated warning for
2014-11-20 18:34:41 Philipp Schafft <>
* Support for reloading server config using admin interface.
2014-11-20 18:32:14 Philipp Schafft <>
* support vhosting on aliases
2014-11-19 13:42:23 dm8tbr
* This is Spaaarrr^w Icecast 2.4.1!
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