Commit de004670 authored by Joseph Wallace's avatar Joseph Wallace
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Be clearer about ebml_parse_sized_int's sign & endian behavior.

parent e6cb7e26
......@@ -959,11 +959,15 @@ static ssize_t ebml_parse_var_int(unsigned char *buffer,
return size;
/* Parse a normal int that may be from 1-8 bytes long.
/* Parse a big-endian int that may be from 1-8 bytes long.
* Returns 0 if there's not enough space to read the number;
* Returns -1 if the number is mis-sized.
* Else, returns the length of the number in bytes and writes the
* value to *out_value.
* If is_signed is true, then the int is assumed to be two's complement
* signed, negative values will be correctly promoted, and the returned
* long long can be safely cast to a signed number on systems using
* two's complement arithmatic.
static ssize_t ebml_parse_sized_int(unsigned char *buffer,
unsigned char *buffer_end,
......@@ -971,7 +975,7 @@ static ssize_t ebml_parse_sized_int(unsigned char *buffer,
int is_signed,
unsigned long long *out_value)
long long value;
unsigned long long value;
size_t i;
if (len < 1 || len > 8) {
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