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add verbiage about libtool version number #defines

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......@@ -146,6 +146,7 @@
<li>Merged seekable stream decoder and file decoder into the stream decoder.</li>
<li>Merged seekable stream encoder and file encoder into the stream encoder.</li>
<li>Added #defines for the API version number to make porting easier; see <tt>include/lib*FLAC*/export.h<tt>.</li>
......@@ -151,6 +151,27 @@
* This module describes differences in the library interfaces from
* version to version. It assists in the porting of code that uses
* the libraries to newer versions of FLAC.
* One simple facility for making porting easier that has been added
* in FLAC 1.1.3 is a set of \c #defines in \c export.h of each
* library's includes (e.g. \c include/FLAC/export.h). The
* \c #defines mirror the libraries'
* <A HREF="">libtool version numbers</A>,
* e.g. in libFLAC there are \c FLAC_API_VERSION_CURRENT,
* These can be used to support multiple versions of an API during the
* transition phase, e.g.
* \code
* legacy code
* #else
* new code
* #endif
* \endcode
* The the source will work for multiple versions and the legacy code can
* easily be removed when the transition is complete.
/** \defgroup porting_1_1_2_to_1_1_3 Porting from FLAC 1.1.2 to 1.1.3
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