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add instructions for building with Makefile.lite

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......@@ -57,6 +57,8 @@ forthcoming, but in general, this should work:
./configure ; make ; make install
If it doesn't, see the next section on Makefile.lite.
There are a few FLAC-specific arguments you can give to
......@@ -80,6 +82,28 @@ configure without --sse-os. Note that --disable-asm-optimizations
overrides --sse-os.
Building with Makefile.lite
There is a more lightweight build system for do-it-yourself-ers.
It is also useful if configure isn't working, which may be the
case since lately we've had some problems with different versions
of automake and libtool. The Makefile.lite system should work
on Gnu systems with few or no minor adjustments.
From the top level just 'make -f Makefile.lite'. You can
specify zero or one optional target from 'release', 'debug',
'test', or 'clean'. The default is 'release'. There is no
'install' target but everything you need will end up in the
obj/ directory.
If you are not on an x86 system or you don't have nasm, you
may have to change the DEFINES in src/libFLAC/Makefile.lite. If
you don't have nasm, remove -DFLAC__HAS_NASM. If your target is
not an x86, change -DFLAC__CPU_IA32 to -DFLAC__CPU_UNKNOWN.
Building with MSVC
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