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remove obsolete code

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......@@ -735,26 +735,6 @@ OggFLAC_API unsigned OggFLAC__stream_encoder_get_rice_parameter_search_dist(cons
OggFLAC_API FLAC__uint64 OggFLAC__stream_encoder_get_total_samples_estimate(const OggFLAC__StreamEncoder *encoder);
/** Initialize the encoder instance.
* Should be called after OggFLAC__stream_encoder_new() and
* OggFLAC__stream_encoder_set_*() but before OggFLAC__stream_encoder_process()
* or OggFLAC__stream_encoder_process_interleaved(). Will set and return
* the encoder state, which will be OggFLAC__STREAM_ENCODER_OK if
* initialization succeeded.
* The call to OggFLAC__stream_encoder_init() currently will also immediately
* call the write callback several times, once with the \c fLaC signature,
* and once for each encoded metadata block.
* \param encoder An uninitialized encoder instance.
* \assert
* \code encoder != NULL \endcode
* \retval OggFLAC__StreamEncoderState
* \c OggFLAC__STREAM_ENCODER_OK if initialization was successful; see
* OggFLAC__StreamEncoderState for the meanings of other return values.
OggFLAC_API OggFLAC__StreamEncoderState OggFLAC__stream_encoder_init(OggFLAC__StreamEncoder *encoder);
/** Initialize the encoder instance.
* This flavor of initialization sets up the encoder to encode to a stream.
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