Commit 113ec9d8 authored by Erik de Castro Lopo's avatar Erik de Castro Lopo
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src/flac/encode.c : Use flac_snprintf instead of sprintf.

parent 690205ba
......@@ -2615,7 +2615,7 @@ void print_stats(const EncoderSession *encoder_session)
FLAC__ASSERT(encoder_session->total_samples_to_encode > 0);
if (uesize) sprintf(ratiostr, "%0.3f", ratio); else sprintf(ratiostr, "N/A");
if (uesize) flac_snprintf(ratiostr, sizeof(ratiostr), "%0.3f", ratio); else flac_snprintf(ratiostr, sizeof(ratiostr), "N/A");
if(samples_written == encoder_session->total_samples_to_encode) {
stats_print_name(2, encoder_session->inbasefilename);
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