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<P>FLAC 1.1.1 has been released. There is a new <A HREF="changelog.html">changelog</A> with a complete list of changes/fixes/improvements, but the main ones include: almost 2x decoding speedup on Macintosh, better Ogg FLAC support, and several new options to <B><TT>flac</TT></B> and <B><TT>metaflac</TT></B>. Available now on the <A HREF="download.html">download page</A>.</P>
<P>Also, the mailing lists have been migrated to <A HREF=""></A>. This should cut down on the abuse and response time. If you abandoned the lists because of spam problems, now is the time to sign back up: <A HREF="">announce</A> <A HREF="">flac</A> <A HREF="">flac-dev</A></P>
<P>There are some new hardware players out that support FLAC, the <A HREF="">Hifidelio</A>, a wireless home stereo component, and the <A HREF="">iAUDIO M3</A> portable HDD digital audio player (<A HREF="">firmware</A>).</P>
<P>The <A HREF="">Furthur Network</A>, a legal-live music sharing P2P network, <A HREF="">now supports FLAC</A>.</P>
<P><A HREF="">Several sets</A> from the Bonnaroo Music Festival are available in FLAC, including <A HREF="">Dave Matthews & Friends</A> and <A HREF="">String Cheese Incident</A>, with more to follow as the soundboard recordings are approved by the bands.</P>
<P><A HREF=""></A> has begun <A HREF="">offering 24-bit recordings in FLAC format</A>.</P>
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