Commit 2d6b8c64 authored by Josh Coalson's avatar Josh Coalson
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fix bug stats sent to progress callback

parent 09217309
......@@ -3949,11 +3949,17 @@ static size_t local__fwrite(const void *ptr, size_t size, size_t nmemb, FILE *st
FLAC__StreamEncoderWriteStatus file_write_callback_(const FLAC__StreamEncoder *encoder, const FLAC__byte buffer[], unsigned bytes, unsigned samples, unsigned current_frame, void *client_data)
(void)client_data, (void)samples, (void)current_frame;
(void)client_data, (void)current_frame;
if(local__fwrite(buffer, sizeof(FLAC__byte), bytes, encoder->private_->file) == bytes) {
if(0 != encoder->private_->progress_callback && samples > 0)
encoder->private_->progress_callback(encoder, encoder->private_->bytes_written, encoder->private_->samples_written, encoder->private_->frames_written, encoder->private_->total_frames_estimate, encoder->private_->client_data);
if(0 != encoder->private_->progress_callback && samples > 0) {
/* NOTE: We have to add +bytes, +samples, and +1 to the stats
* because at this point in the callback chain, the stats
* have not been updated. Only after we return and control
* gets back to write_frame_() are the stats updated
encoder->private_->progress_callback(encoder, encoder->private_->bytes_written+bytes, encoder->private_->samples_written+samples, encoder->private_->frames_written+(samples?1:0), encoder->private_->total_frames_estimate, encoder->private_->client_data);
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