Commit 37a97a59 authored by Erik de Castro Lopo's avatar Erik de Castro Lopo
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src/flac/encode.c : Improve message when compression fails.

As suggested by Brian Willoughby this is not an "ERROR" but a "FAILURE".
Also list a couple of possible causes of this failure and remove the
suggestion to contact the developers.
parent 8e89bade
......@@ -1654,7 +1654,13 @@ int EncoderSession_finish_ok(EncoderSession *e, int info_align_carry, int info_a
if (error_on_compression_fail && e->compression_ratio >= 1.0) {
flac__utils_printf(stderr, 1, "ERROR: Compression failed (ratio %0.3f, should be < 1.0). Please contact the developers.\n", e->compression_ratio);
flac__utils_printf(stderr, 1,
"FAILURE: Compression failed (ratio %0.3f, should be < 1.0).\n"
"This happens for some files for one or more of the following reasons:\n"
" * Recompressing an existing FLAC from a higher to a lower compression setting.\n"
" * Insufficient input data (eg, very short files, < 10000 fames).\n"
" * The audio data is not compressable (eg a full range white noise signal).\n"
, e->compression_ratio);
ret = 1;
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