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add callback-based versions of chain writing:...

add callback-based versions of chain writing: FLAC__metadata_chain_check_if_tempfile_needed(), FLAC__metadata_chain_write_with_callbacks(), FLAC__metadata_chain_write_with_callbacks_and_tempfile()
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......@@ -588,9 +588,27 @@ typedef enum {
/**< The caller violated an assertion or an unexpected error occurred */
/**< One or more of the required callbacks was NULL */
/**< FLAC__metadata_chain_write() was called on a chain read by
* FLAC__metadata_chain_read_with_callbacks(), or
* FLAC__metadata_chain_write_with_callbacks() or
* FLAC__metadata_chain_write_with_callbacks_and_tempfile() was
* called on a chain read by FLAC__metadata_chain_read(). Matching
* read/write methods must always be used. */
/**< FLAC__metadata_chain_write_with_callbacks() was called when the
* chain write requires a tempfile; use
* FLAC__metadata_chain_write_with_callbacks_and_tempfile() instead.
* Or, FLAC__metadata_chain_write_with_callbacks_and_tempfile() was
* called when the chain write does not require a tempfile; use
* FLAC__metadata_chain_write_with_callbacks() instead.
* Always check FLAC__metadata_chain_check_if_tempfile_needed()
* before writing via callbacks. */
} FLAC__Metadata_ChainStatus;
/** Maps a FLAC__Metadata_ChainStatus to a C string.
......@@ -644,6 +662,10 @@ FLAC_API FLAC__Metadata_ChainStatus FLAC__metadata_chain_status(FLAC__Metadata_C
FLAC_API FLAC__bool FLAC__metadata_chain_read(FLAC__Metadata_Chain *chain, const char *filename);
/** Read all metadata from a FLAC stream into the chain via I/O callbacks.
* The \a handle need only be open for reading, but must be seekable.
* The equivalent minimum stdio fopen() file mode is \c "r" (or \c "rb"
* for Windows).
* \param chain A pointer to an existing chain.
* \param handle The I/O handle of the FLAC stream to read. The
......@@ -661,6 +683,9 @@ FLAC_API FLAC__bool FLAC__metadata_chain_read(FLAC__Metadata_Chain *chain, const
FLAC_API FLAC__bool FLAC__metadata_chain_read_with_callbacks(FLAC__Metadata_Chain *chain, FLAC__IOHandle handle, FLAC__IOCallbacks callbacks);
/* @@@@@@ document */
FLAC_API FLAC__bool FLAC__metadata_chain_check_if_tempfile_needed(FLAC__Metadata_Chain *chain, FLAC__bool use_padding);
/** Write all metadata out to the FLAC file. This function tries to be as
* efficient as possible; how the metadata is actually written is shown by
* the following:
......@@ -703,6 +728,12 @@ FLAC_API FLAC__bool FLAC__metadata_chain_read_with_callbacks(FLAC__Metadata_Chai
FLAC_API FLAC__bool FLAC__metadata_chain_write(FLAC__Metadata_Chain *chain, FLAC__bool use_padding, FLAC__bool preserve_file_stats);
/* @@@@@@ document */
FLAC_API FLAC__bool FLAC__metadata_chain_write_with_callbacks(FLAC__Metadata_Chain *chain, FLAC__bool use_padding, FLAC__IOHandle handle, FLAC__IOCallbacks callbacks);
/* @@@@@@ document */
FLAC_API FLAC__bool FLAC__metadata_chain_write_with_callbacks_and_tempfile(FLAC__Metadata_Chain *chain, FLAC__bool use_padding, FLAC__IOHandle handle, FLAC__IOCallbacks callbacks, FLAC__IOHandle temp_handle, FLAC__IOCallbacks temp_callbacks);
/** Merge adjacent PADDING blocks into a single block.
* \note This function does not write to the FLAC file, it only
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