Commit 5981e4f7 authored by Josh Coalson's avatar Josh Coalson
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minor comments

parent 1ca3a445
......@@ -4099,7 +4099,7 @@ static __inline unsigned count_rice_bits_in_partition_(
- (partition_samples >> 1)
/* -(partition_samples>>1) to subtract out extra contributions to the abs_residual_partition_sum.
* The actual number of bits used is closer to the sum for all i in the partition of abs(residual[i])>>(rice_parameter-1)
* The actual number of bits used is closer to the sum(for all i in the partition) of abs(residual[i])>>(rice_parameter-1)
* By using the abs_residual_partition sum, we also add in bits in the LSBs that would normally be shifted out.
* So the subtraction term tries to guess how many extra bits were contributed.
* If the LSBs are randomly distributed, this should average to 0.5 extra bits per sample.
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