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#!/usr/bin/make -f
# Copyright (C) 2014 Xiph.Org Foundation
# This file is part the FLAC project. FLAC is comprised of several
# components distributed under different licenses. The codec libraries
# are distributed under Xiph.Org's BSD-like license (see the file
# COPYING.Xiph in this distribution). All other programs, libraries, and
# plugins are distributed under the GPL (see COPYING.GPL). The documentation
# is distributed under the Gnu FDL (see COPYING.FDL). Each file in the
# FLAC distribution contains at the top the terms under which it may be
# distributed.
# Since this particular file is relevant to all components of FLAC,
# it may be distributed under the Xiph.Org license, which is the least
# restrictive of those mentioned above. See the file COPYING.Xiph in this
# distribution.
ogg_version = 1.3.2
ogg_sha256sum = e19ee34711d7af328cb26287f4137e70630e7261b17cbe3cd41011d73a654692
flac_version = $(shell grep ^AC_INIT | sed 's/[^ ]* \[//;s/\].*//')
win_build = $(shell pwd)/win-build
win32_name = i686-w64-mingw32
win64_name = x86_64-w64-mingw32
win32_target = --host=$(win32_name) --target=$(win32_name)
win64_target = --host=$(win64_name) --target=$(win64_name)
flac-$(flac_version) : flac-$(flac_version)-win//AUTHORS
zip -r $@ flac-$(flac_version)-win
rm -rf flac-$(flac_version)-win
flac-$(flac_version)-win//AUTHORS : win-build/.stamp-flac-win32-install win-build/.stamp-flac-win64-install
mkdir -p flac-$(flac_version)-win/win32 flac-$(flac_version)-win/win64
cp $(win_build)/flac32/bin/flac.exe flac-$(flac_version)-win/win32/
cp $(win_build)/flac32/bin/metaflac.exe flac-$(flac_version)-win/win32/
cp $(win_build)/flac64/bin/flac.exe flac-$(flac_version)-win/win64/
cp $(win_build)/flac64/bin/metaflac.exe flac-$(flac_version)-win/win64/
cp -r doc/html flac-$(flac_version)-win/
rm -rf flac-$(flac_version)-win/html/api
find flac-$(flac_version)-win/ -name Makefile\* -exec rm -f {} \;
cp AUTHORS COPYING.* README flac-$(flac_version)-win/
touch $@
# Build and install 32 and 64 bit versions of a statically linked flac and
# metaflac executable.
win-build/.stamp-flac-win64-install : win-build/.stamp-flac-win64-config
make clean all install
touch $@
win-build/.stamp-flac-win64-config : win-build/.stamp-flac-prepare configure
mkdir -p $(win_build)/ogg64
./configure --disable-shared $(win64_target) --with-ogg=$(win_build)/ogg64 --prefix=$(win_build)/flac64
touch $@
win-build/.stamp-flac-win32-install : win-build/.stamp-flac-win32-config
make clean all install
touch $@
win-build/.stamp-flac-win32-config : win-build/.stamp-flac-prepare configure
mkdir -p $(win_build)/ogg32
./configure --disable-shared $(win32_target) --with-ogg=$(win_build)/ogg32 --prefix=$(win_build)/flac32
touch $@
win-build/.stamp-flac-prepare : win-build/.stamp-win32-install win-build/.stamp-win64-install
touch $@
# Build libogg for win32 and win64.
win-build/.stamp-win64-install : win-build/.stamp-win64-configure
(cd win-build/libogg-$(ogg_version) && make clean all check install)
touch $@
win-build/.stamp-win64-configure : win-build/.stamp-source
mkdir -p $(win_build)/win64
(cd win-build/libogg-$(ogg_version) && ./configure --prefix=$(win_build)/ogg64 $(win32_target) --disable-shared)
touch $@
win-build/.stamp-win32-install : win-build/.stamp-win32-configure
(cd win-build/libogg-$(ogg_version) && make clean all check install)
touch $@
win-build/.stamp-win32-configure : win-build/.stamp-source
mkdir -p $(win_build)/win32
(cd win-build/libogg-$(ogg_version) && ./configure --prefix=$(win_build)/ogg32 $(win32_target) --disable-shared)
touch $@
win-build/.stamp-source : win-build/.stamp-sha256sum-checked
(cd win-build && tar xf libogg-$(ogg_version).tar.gz)
touch $@
# Retrieve and check libogg tarball.
win-build/.stamp-sha256sum-checked : win-build/libogg-$(ogg_version).tar.gz
@if test $$(sha256sum $+ | sed 's/ .*//') != $(ogg_sha256sum) ; then exit 1 ; fi
@echo "sha256 sum : ok"
touch $@
win-build/libogg-$(ogg_version).tar.gz :
mkdir -p win-build
wget$$(basename $@) -O $@
# Autotool stuff.
configure :
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