Commit 7eda006d authored by Thomas Zander's avatar Thomas Zander Committed by Erik de Castro Lopo
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Fix description of --rice-partition-order in flac -H

This is more of a "human language versus programmer parlor" issue.
src/flac/main.c will return usage error for an argument greater
While in programming "0..16" usually means "from zero to 15", in
natural human-to-human talk, it would rather mean "from zero to 16".
This changes the wording a bit to avoid this misunderstanding.


Signed-off-by: Erik de Castro Lopo's avatarErik de Castro Lopo <>
parent 28817ba5
......@@ -1613,9 +1613,9 @@ void show_explain(void)
printf(" encoder decide (the minimun is %u, the\n", FLAC__MIN_QLP_COEFF_PRECISION);
printf(" default is -q 0)\n");
printf(" -r, --rice-partition-order=[#,]# Set [min,]max residual partition order\n");
printf(" (# is 0..16; min defaults to 0; the\n");
printf(" default is -r 0; above 4 doesn't usually\n");
printf(" help much)\n");
printf(" (# is 0 to 15 inclusive; min defaults to 0;\n");
printf(" the default is -r 0; above 4 does not\n");
printf(" usually help much)\n");
printf("format options:\n");
printf(" --force-raw-format Force input (when encoding) or output (when\n");
printf(" decoding) to be treated as raw samples\n");
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