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......@@ -47,13 +47,38 @@ namespace FLAC {
// DO NOT disobey and write into it. Always use the set_*()
// methods.
// base class for all metadata blocks
//! Base class for all metadata blocks.
class Prototype {
Prototype(const Prototype &object); // this form always copies object.object_
Prototype(const ::FLAC__StreamMetadata &object); // this form always copies
Prototype(const ::FLAC__StreamMetadata *object); // this form always copies
Prototype(::FLAC__StreamMetadata *object, bool copy); // this form allows you to pass ownership to the Prototype using copy=false
//! Constructs a copy of the given object. This form
//! always performs a deep copy.
Prototype(const Prototype &object);
//! Constructs a copy of the given object. This form
//! always performs a deep copy.
Prototype(const ::FLAC__StreamMetadata &object);
//! Constructs a copy of the given object. This form
//! always performs a deep copy.
Prototype(const ::FLAC__StreamMetadata *object);
//! Constructs an object with copy control. When 'copy'
//! is true, behaves identically to
//! FLAC::Metadata::Prototype::Prototype(const ::FLAC__StreamMetadata *object).
//! When 'copy' is false, the instance takes ownership of
//! the pointer and the ::FLAC__StreamMetadata object will
//! be freed by the destructor.
Prototype(::FLAC__StreamMetadata *object, bool copy);
void operator=(const Prototype &);
void operator=(const ::FLAC__StreamMetadata &); // this form always copies
......@@ -28,9 +28,9 @@
in src/metaflac/)
/** \file include/FLAC/metadata.h
This module provides read and write access to FLAC file metadata at
three increasing levels of complexity:
three increasing levels of complexity.
level 0:
read-only access to the STREAMINFO block.
......@@ -130,23 +130,60 @@ FLAC__bool FLAC__metadata_get_streaminfo(const char *filename, FLAC__StreamMetad
struct FLAC__Metadata_SimpleIterator;
typedef struct FLAC__Metadata_SimpleIterator FLAC__Metadata_SimpleIterator;
/** Status type for FLAC__Metadata_SimpleIterator.
* The iterator's current status can be obtained by calling FLAC__metadata_simple_iterator_status().
typedef enum {
/**< The iterator is in the normal OK state */
/**< The data passed into the function violated the function's usage criteria */
/**< The iterator could not open the target file */
/**< The iterator could not find the FLAC signature at the start of the file */
/**< The iterator tried to write to a file that was not writable */
/**< The iterator encountered input that does not conform to the FLAC metadata specification */
/**< The iterator encountered an error while reading the FLAC file */
/**< The iterator encountered an error while seeking in the FLAC file */
/**< The iterator encountered an error while writing the FLAC file */
/**< The iterator encountered an error renaming the FLAC file */
/**< The iterator encountered an error removing the temporary file */
/**< Memory allocation failed */
/**< The caller violated an assertion or an unexpected error occurred */
} FLAC__Metadata_SimpleIteratorStatus;
/** Maps a FLAC__Metadata_SimpleIteratorStatus to a C string.
* The contents should not be modified.
extern const char * const FLAC__Metadata_SimpleIteratorStatusString[];
* Constructor/destructor
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