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......@@ -560,17 +560,17 @@ namespace FLAC {
Entry get_vendor_string() const; // only the Entry's field name should be used
Entry get_comment(unsigned index) const;
//! See FLAC__metadata_object_vorbis_comment_set_vendor_string()
//! See FLAC__metadata_object_vorbiscomment_set_vendor_string()
//! \note Only the Entry's field name will be used.
bool set_vendor_string(const Entry &entry); // only the Entry's field name will be used
//! See FLAC__metadata_object_vorbis_comment_set_comment()
//! See FLAC__metadata_object_vorbiscomment_set_comment()
bool set_comment(unsigned index, const Entry &entry);
//! See FLAC__metadata_object_vorbis_comment_insert_comment()
//! See FLAC__metadata_object_vorbiscomment_insert_comment()
bool insert_comment(unsigned index, const Entry &entry);
//! See FLAC__metadata_object_vorbis_comment_delete_comment()
//! See FLAC__metadata_object_vorbiscomment_delete_comment()
bool delete_comment(unsigned index);
......@@ -70,6 +70,12 @@
* dependency on a thread library. However, libFLAC does not use
* global variables and should be thread-safe.
* There is also a new libOggFLAC library which wraps around libFLAC
* to provide routines for encoding to and decoding from FLAC streams
* inside an Ogg container. The interfaces are very similar or identical
* to their counterparts in libFLAC. libOggFLAC is also licensed under
* the LGPL.
* \section cpp_api FLAC C API
* The FLAC C++ API is a set of classes that encapsulate the
......@@ -81,7 +87,11 @@
* for the C++ API will be installed in your include area as
* <include>/FLAC++/...
* libFLAC++ is also licensed under the
* There is also a new libOggFLAC++ library, which provides classes
* for encoding to and decoding from FLAC streams in an Ogg container.
* The classes are very similar to their counterparts in libFLAC++.
* Both libFLAC++ libOggFLAC++ are also licensed under the
* <A HREF="">LGPL</A>.
* \section getting_started Getting Started
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