Commit a0027fad authored by Christophe DUMONT's avatar Christophe DUMONT Committed by Erik de Castro Lopo
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libFLAC : new function returns client_data from decoder

Signed-off-by: Erik de Castro Lopo's avatarErik de Castro Lopo <>
parent 972454ed
......@@ -57,4 +57,9 @@ typedef struct FLAC__StreamDecoderProtected {
uint32_t FLAC__stream_decoder_get_input_bytes_unconsumed(const FLAC__StreamDecoder *decoder);
* return client_data from decoder
FLAC_API void *get_client_data_from_decoder(FLAC__StreamDecoder *decoder);
......@@ -3395,3 +3395,8 @@ FLAC__bool file_eof_callback_(const FLAC__StreamDecoder *decoder, void *client_d
return feof(decoder->private_->file)? true : false;
void *get_client_data_from_decoder(FLAC__StreamDecoder *decoder)
return decoder->private_->client_data;
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