Commit a4dd336a authored by Andrey Astafiev's avatar Andrey Astafiev
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1.0.4 beta?

parent acca36fb
......@@ -71,7 +71,9 @@
<P> SourceForge <A HREF=""> </A>. , Linux, Windows Darwin ( OS X).</P>
<P> Debian <A HREF=""></A>.
<P> Debian <A HREF=""></A>.</P>
<P> Mac OS X <A HREF="">MacFLAC</A> -- FLAC OS X, .pkg OS.</P>
<P> <A HREF=""> CVS</A>.</P>
......@@ -83,6 +85,7 @@
<LI> Windows <A HREF="">FLAC frontend</A>.</LI>
<LI><A HREF="">FLACdrop</A> Windows Oggdrop.</LI>
<LI> <A HREF="">Monkey's Audio</A> FLAC; . <A HREF="documentation.html#monkey"></A>.</LI>
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