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<term><option>-S</option> <replaceable>{ # | X | #x }</replaceable></term>
Include a point or points in a SEEKTABLE. Using #,
a seek point at that sample number is added. Using
X, a placeholder point is added at the end of a the
table. Using #x, # evenly spaced seek points will
be added, the first being at sample 0. You may use
many -S options; the resulting SEEKTABLE will be the
unique-ified union of all such values. With no -S
options, flac defaults to '-S 100x'. Use -S- for
no SEEKTABLE. Note: '-S #x' will not work if the
encoder can't determine the input size before
starting. Note: if you use '-S #' and # is >=
samples in the input, there will be either no seek
point entered (if the input size is determinable
before encoding starts) or a placeholder point (if
input size is not determinable)</para>
<term><option>-P</option> <replaceable>bytes</replaceable></term>
......@@ -364,7 +387,7 @@
<term><option>-m-</option> <option>-M-</option> <option>-e-</option> <option>-p-</option> <option>-V-</option> <option>--lax-</option>
<term><option>-S-</option> <option>-m-</option> <option>-M-</option> <option>-e-</option> <option>-p-</option> <option>-V-</option> <option>--lax-</option>
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