Commit a956a821 authored by Josh Coalson's avatar Josh Coalson

fix compiler warnings

parent 330fc08a
......@@ -1800,7 +1800,7 @@ int encode_file(const char *infilename, FLAC__bool is_first_file, FLAC__bool is_
if(encode_infile != stdin && grabbag__file_are_same(infilename, outfilename)) {
static const char *tmp_suffix = ".tmp,fl-ac+en'c";
/*@@@@ still a remote possibility that a file with this filename exists */
if(0 == (internal_outfilename = malloc(strlen(outfilename)+strlen(tmp_suffix)+1))) {
if(0 == (internal_outfilename = (char *)malloc(strlen(outfilename)+strlen(tmp_suffix)+1))) {
flac__utils_printf(stderr, 1, "ERROR allocating memory for tempfile name\n");
return 1;
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