Commit ab7ab03b authored by Erik de Castro Lopo's avatar Erik de Castro Lopo
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src/test_streams/main.c : Use flac_snprintf() instead of snprintf().

MSVC doesn't have snprintf().

Patch-from: lvqcl <>
parent 64d4322b
......@@ -1050,7 +1050,7 @@ static FLAC__bool generate_replaygain_tone (unsigned samplerate)
double pi, tone, sample, samplerange;
int k;
snprintf(fname, sizeof(fname), "rpg-tone-%u.wav", samplerate);
flac_snprintf(fname, sizeof(fname), "rpg-tone-%u.wav", samplerate);
if(0 == (f = flac_fopen(fname, "wb")))
return false;
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