Commit cd6bc7c1 authored by Josh Coalson's avatar Josh Coalson
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add Charset_Create_List_UTF8_Only()

parent b445ebec
......@@ -155,6 +155,14 @@ GList *Charset_Create_List (void)
return list;
GList *Charset_Create_List_UTF8_Only (void)
GList *list = NULL;
list = g_list_append(list,_(Charset_Get_Title_From_Name("UTF-8")));
return list;
* Return charset_name from charset_title
......@@ -48,6 +48,7 @@ char *convert_from_utf8_to_user(const char *string);
char *convert_from_user_to_utf8(const char *string);
GList *Charset_Create_List (void);
GList *Charset_Create_List_UTF8_Only (void);
gchar *Charset_Get_Name_From_Title (gchar *charset_title);
gchar *Charset_Get_Title_From_Name (gchar *charset_name);
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