Commit d4b68b2b authored by Martijn van Beurden's avatar Martijn van Beurden Committed by Erik de Castro Lopo
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Replace dead anchor

This fixes a wrong link (dead anchor) in the Doxygen api documentation
Signed-off-by: Erik de Castro Lopo's avatarErik de Castro Lopo <>
parent 4ff213b9
......@@ -128,7 +128,7 @@ extern "C" {
* Unlike the decoders, the stream encoder has many options that can
* affect the speed and compression ratio. When setting these parameters
* you should have some basic knowledge of the format (see the
* <A HREF="../documentation.html#format">user-level documentation</A>
* <A HREF="../documentation_format_overview.html">user-level documentation</A>
* or the <A HREF="../format.html">formal description</A>). The
* FLAC__stream_encoder_set_*() functions themselves do not validate the
* values as many are interdependent. The FLAC__stream_encoder_init_*()
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