Commit d8036ea9 authored by Erik de Castro Lopo's avatar Erik de Castro Lopo
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test/ : Out-of-tree build fixes.

parent 7c3cd3d9
......@@ -1151,7 +1151,8 @@ rt_test_rf64 wacky2.rf64 '--keep-foreign-metadata'
echo "Testing the metadata-handling properties of flac-to-flac encoding..."
filter ()
# minor danger, changing vendor strings might change the length of the
......@@ -1161,11 +1162,11 @@ filter ()
flac2flac ()
echo -n "$case... "
echo -n "$2... "
run_flac -f -o out.flac $args $file || die "ERROR encoding FLAC file"
run_metaflac --list out.flac | filter > out.meta || die "ERROR listing metadata of output FLAC file"
diff -q -w $expect out.meta 2>/dev/null || die "ERROR: metadata does not match expected $expect"
......@@ -1173,7 +1174,6 @@ flac2flac ()
#filter=', stream_offset.*|^ vendor string: |^ length: |^ m..imum .....size: '
cd $testdir || die "ERROR changing to directory $testdir"
# case 00a: no alterations on a file with all metadata types, keep all metadata, in same order
flac2flac input-SCVAUP.flac case00a ""
......@@ -1194,9 +1194,9 @@ flac2flac input-SCPAP.flac case02b "--tag=artist=0"
# case 02c: on file with VORBIS_COMMENT block and --tag, replace existing VORBIS_COMMENT with new tags
flac2flac input-SCVAUP.flac case02c "--tag=artist=0"
# case 03a: on file with no CUESHEET block and --cuesheet specified, add it
flac2flac input-SVAUP.flac case03a "--cuesheet=input0.cue"
flac2flac input-SVAUP.flac case03a "--cuesheet=$testdatadir/input0.cue"
# case 03b: on file with CUESHEET block and --cuesheet specified, overwrite existing CUESHEET
flac2flac input-SCVAUP.flac case03b "--cuesheet=input0.cue"
flac2flac input-SCVAUP.flac case03b "--cuesheet=$testdatadir/input0.cue"
# case 03c: on file with CUESHEET block and size-changing option specified, drop existing CUESHEET
flac2flac input-SCVAUP.flac case03c "--skip=1"
# case 04a: on file with no SEEKTABLE block and --no-seektable specified, no SEEKTABLE
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