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fix minor bug printing unknown aiff subchunks (SF bug #1267476:...

fix minor bug printing unknown aiff subchunks (SF bug #1267476:
parent 4731c751
......@@ -88,6 +88,7 @@
<li>Fixed a bug in cuesheet parsing where it would return an error if the last line of the cuesheet did not end with a newline.</li>
<li>Fixed a bug with --sector-align where appended samples were not always totally silent (<a href="">SF #1237707</a>).</li>
<li>Fixed bugs with --sector-align and raw input files.</li>
<li>Fixed a bug printing out unknown AIFF subchunk names (<a href="">SF #1267476</a>).</li>
......@@ -194,7 +194,7 @@ int flac__encode_aif(FILE *infile, long infilesize, const char *infilename, cons
while(1) {
size_t c= 0U;
char chunk_id[4];
char chunk_id[5] = { '\0', '\0', '\0', '\0', '\0' }; /* one extra byte for terminating NUL so we can also treat it like a C string */
/* chunk identifier; really conservative about behavior of fread() and feof() */
if(feof(infile) || ((c= fread(chunk_id, 1U, 4U, infile)), c==0U && feof(infile)))
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