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The purpose of the comparison page is not only to show how compression ratios and encoding/decoding times using the flac reference encoder compare to other lossless encoders, but also to compare features (for example, some coders archive only and files must be uncompressed completely before playback can start). Keep a few things in mind:

  • As far as I know, only two of the lossless encoders out there (FLAC and WavPack) are both actively developed and truly free (source code for Shorten and Monkey's Audio is available but the licenses are more restrictive). Most others give out free binaries, but without access to the source, you are leaving your data to the whim of the maintainer for eternity; you have no way to port the program to another OS or fix it if it breaks. This can be a serious drawback unless the format has world-class clout (like MP3).
  • The compression ratios and times for flac are representative only of the reference encoder. They are not indicative of the limits of all FLAC encoders or the FLAC format itself since the format is open and extensible, and anyone is free to write a better FLAC encoder. And it is almost certain that the reference encoder itself will improve.
  • Since FLAC supports streaming, it is at a slight disadvantage to the formats that don't because they don't have the extra overhead of all those frame headers.

I make an effort to keep this information as accurate as possible, but if any of the data is wrong, let me know and I'll correct it. For another comparison (with graphs) of lossless codecs, see here.

Reviewed encoders (besides flac of course):

  • Apple Lossless - A new proprietary codec by Apple. Not much is known about it.
  • Bonk - An open-source source codec. No player or library support yet.
  • Kexis - An open-source source codec. Development seems to have stopped at the alpha stage. No player or library support yet.
  • La - A closed source symmetric adaptive codec, with Windows and Linux console binaries. Current king of compression ratios but extremely slow.
  • LPAC - A closed source codec. At least it's available for more than just Windows, but there's only a Winamp plugin.
  • Monkey's Audio - A symmetric adaptive codec with good compression. Source is available under a non-OSI license. There are two versions available now, one by the original author Matt Ashland and one by Frank Klemm. The one tested here is from the original author.
  • Ogg Squish - An open source source codec that is no longer maintained. The version I tested, 0.98, was the latest I could find. I don't have Windows timing results but it is among the 'fast' coders, based on UNIX tests.
  • optimFROG - A closed source, Windows/Linux codec, with Winamp and XMMS plugins. Slow but high compression ratios.
  • Pegasus-SPS - A closed source, Windows-only codec.
  • RKAU - A closed source, Windows-only codec. No update in over two years.
  • Shorten - A.J. Robinson's well-known codec; source is available here.
  • WaveZIP - A closed source, Windows-only archiver. Uses the MUSICompress[tm] engine which supposedly has a patent. I used to have a link to the company that makes WaveZIP (GadgetLabs) but apparently they have gone out of business (maybe for trying to sell something that should cost nothing).
  • WavPack - An open-source, (currently) Windows-based codec, released under the BSD license. WavPack has a very good tradeoff between compressed size and compression speed.

Encoders I couldn't get a copy of:

  • AudioPak
  • WavARC

If you take maximum compression ratio and speed out of the picture (as you will see later, most coders exhibit similar performance), here is a subjective sort based on overall "usefulness". As far as features go, having source code gives you the most freedom since you can add anything you need that is missing; besides, open source projects tend to get better faster than closed source ones. A close second (depending on the user) would be OS support or plugin support.

Codec Source Available? Plugins Available? Hardware Support? Streamable? Seekable? Cost OS support
flac v1.1.1 YES (OSI approved license) YES (XMMS, AlsaPlayer, Winamp, MacAmp Lite, dBpowerAMP, Foobar2000, QCD, Apollo, more) YES (ARQ, PhatBox, Kenwood MusicKeg, Rio Karma, Rio Receiver, Dell Digital Audio Receiver, Roku Soundbridge, Squeezebox, AudioTron) YES YES FREE Linux, Windows, Mac OS X, *BSD, Solaris, OS/2, BeOS, others
Shorten v3.2 YES (non-OSI license) YES (Winamp, XMMS) no no YES (v3 only) FREE Linux, Windows, Mac OS 9, Mac OS X, *BSD, Solaris, others
WavPack v3.97a YES (OSI approved license) YES (Winamp only) no no YES FREE Windows
Monkey's Audio v3.99 YES (non-OSI license) YES (Winamp, MediaJukebox, dBpowerAMP, more) no no YES FREE Windows, Linux console source
Apple Lossless no YES (iTunes) YES (iPod) YES YES FREE Windows, Mac OS X
Ogg Squish 0.98 YES (OSI approved license) no (?) no YES YES FREE Linux, Windows, other UNIX
Bonk 0.5 YES (OSI approved license) YES (XMMS) no no no FREE Linux, Windows, other UNIX
La 0.3c no YES (Winamp, XMMS) no no YES FREE Windows, Linux
optimFROG 4.21 no YES (Winamp, XMMS) no no YES FREE Windows, Linux
LPAC v1.31 (codec 3.0) no YES (Winamp only) no no? YES FREE Windows, Linux console, Solaris console
RKAU v1.07 no YES (Winamp only) no no YES FREE Windows
Kexis 0.2.2 YES (OSI approved license) no no no no FREE Linux, Windows, other UNIX
WaveZIP v2 no no no no no FREE (24-bit costs $) Windows
Pegasus-SPS no no no no no $39 (free trial) Windows

The machine I used for encoding the test files is a PII-333 with 256 megs of RAM, running Windows NT 4.0 SP5. Unfortunately, Windows is the lowest-common-denominator platform for all the encoders. Apple Lossless was tested on a newer machine (P4-2.4GHz Windows 2000); only the overall encoding and decoding times are shown, and the times are scaled to the PII-333 by multiplying by the ratio of flac times on the PII to P4.

The input corpus currently consists entirely of CD music tracks. In the future it may include more kinds of input (like speech, other sample rates/resolutions, etc). There are 14 tracks whose genres range from rock to pop to death metal to classical to chant.

The first table is a summary of results on all input tracks. The remaining tables show the results of the encoders on each track. The summary table has more modes, whereas the individual tables have just the interesting ones.

In the summary table, entries are sorted by average compression ratio, which is the average of the ratios for each track; this keeps long tracks from having more influence than short ones. In the individual tables, this is the same as the straight compression ratio, which is compressed size / uncompressed size.

Some interesting things to note:

  • flac -5 is right in the middle with respect to compression, relatively fast on the encoding range, and one of the fastest decoding. This is about what you would expect; FLAC is designed to put most of the processing on the encoding side, which is only done once, whereas the adaptive codecs take as long to decode as encode. FLAC is more suited in this way for playback on low-power devices and is one of the reasons it is the only lossless codec with any kind of hardware support.
  • LPAC quality settings are not too stable with -r (which allows seeking during playback) turned on.
  • RKAU also has a tendency to get bigger in the 'high' mode.
  • Another ironic fact is that the encoders that are patented or cost money turn out to be the worst by most measures. SPS is so archane and crippled that I gave up trying to put together results for it after one track.

This is a summary table with just the most 'economic' modes (the ones that give the most compression for the least amount of encode/decode time) for each codec.

Codec Encode time Decode time Compressed
La 0.3c151:13.16145:49.78375.76 MB0.48140.4986
Monkey's Audio 3.99 (high)15:45.4116:48.03389.83 MB0.49940.5153
optimFROG 4.21 (mode 0 @ 4x)16:34.9617:57.28394.69 MB0.50560.5223
RKAU 1.07 (fast)26:35.3420:13.22399.25 MB0.51150.5262
WavPack 3.97a (high)13:32.0214:39.12399.60 MB0.51190.5278
Monkey's Audio 3.99 (fast)10:32.1111:49.46400.57 MB0.51320.5311
LPAC 1.40 (-r, medium)18:52.7910:43.32403.52 MB0.51700.5319
WavPack 3.97a (normal)6:50.128:13.41409.33 MB0.52440.5424
flac 1.1.1 (-5, default)12:54.197:08.80413.46 MB0.52970.5459
Apple Lossless19:53.2710:01.86414.45 MB0.53100.5496
Bonk 0.536:56.3627:09.35418.65 MB0.53640.5543
flac 1.1.1 (-3)9:51.587:00.92419.29 MB0.53720.5544
Ogg Squish 0.98??431.08 MB0.55220.5714
Shorten 3.2a (-p0 -b256, default)9:44.486:31.74433.56 MB0.55550.5729
Kexis 0.2.217:49.0614:53.90434.33 MB0.55640.5750
WavPack 3.97a (fast)5:20.175:12.38441.88 MB0.56610.5857
WaveZIP8:41.72?452.95 MB0.58020.5986
RIFF WAVE77:19.8977:19.89780.56 MB1.00001.0000

Here are the summary results for all codecs and all modes:

Codec Encode time Decode time Compressed
La 0.3c151:13.16145:49.78375.76 MB0.48140.4986
Monkey's Audio 3.99 (insane)130:45.33136:47.14381.79 MB0.48910.5065
Monkey's Audio 3.99 (extra high)28:41.9630:05.38384.55 MB0.49270.5087
optimFROG 4.21 (mode 4 @ 2x)183:05.29184:13.42386.13 MB0.49470.5105
optimFROG 4.21 (mode 4 @ 1x)338:34.96339:23.24386.22 MB0.49480.5105
optimFROG 4.21 (mode 4 @ 4x)105:15.85106:36.23386.21 MB0.49480.5107
optimFROG 4.21 (mode 3 @ 2x)92:48.7993:49.75386.52 MB0.49520.5110
optimFROG 4.21 (mode 3 @ 1x)161:51.00162:10.62386.55 MB0.49520.5110
optimFROG 4.21 (mode 3 @ 4x)58:18.4059:30.51386.71 MB0.49540.5114
optimFROG 4.21 (mode 2 @ 1x)68:22.5869:29.50387.71 MB0.49670.5128
optimFROG 4.21 (mode 2 @ 2x)44:17.5545:31.33387.72 MB0.49670.5129
optimFROG 4.21 (mode 2 @ 4x)32:16.8533:30.92387.93 MB0.49700.5133
optimFROG 4.21 (mode 1 @ 1x)43:00.9144:13.07388.71 MB0.49800.5146
optimFROG 4.21 (mode 1 @ 2x)30:35.0031:50.50388.81 MB0.49810.5147
optimFROG 4.21 (mode 1 @ 4x)24:19.5825:37.44389.04 MB0.49840.5151
Monkey's Audio 3.99 (high)15:45.4116:48.03389.83 MB0.49940.5153
Monkey's Audio 3.99 (normal)13:27.9614:31.90393.17 MB0.50370.5197
optimFROG 4.21 (mode 0 @ 1x)20:51.2122:08.44394.35 MB0.50520.5218
optimFROG 4.21 (mode 0 @ 2x)17:59.8619:20.53394.48 MB0.50540.5220
optimFROG 4.21 (mode 0 @ 4x)16:34.9617:57.28394.69 MB0.50560.5223
RKAU 1.07 (normal)53:46.7423:31.10395.71 MB0.50700.5229
RKAU 1.07 (high)136:56.6227:55.98395.89 MB0.50720.5235
RKAU 1.07 (fast)26:35.3420:13.22399.25 MB0.51150.5262
WavPack 3.97a (high)13:32.0214:39.12399.60 MB0.51190.5278
Monkey's Audio 3.99 (fast)10:32.1111:49.46400.57 MB0.51320.5311
LPAC 1.40 (-r, medium)18:52.7910:43.32403.52 MB0.51700.5319
LPAC 1.40 (-r, extra high)30:30.9312:20.26404.08 MB0.51770.5322
LPAC 1.40 (-r, high)24:56.5611:51.64404.03 MB0.51760.5323
WavPack 3.97a (normal)6:50.128:13.41409.33 MB0.52440.5424
flac 1.1.1 (-8)55:02.387:07.59411.88 MB0.52770.5437
flac 1.1.1 (-5, default)12:54.197:08.80413.46 MB0.52970.5459
Apple Lossless19:53.2710:01.86414.45 MB0.53100.5496
Bonk 0.536:56.3627:09.35418.65 MB0.53640.5543
flac 1.1.1 (-3)9:51.587:00.92419.29 MB0.53720.5544
flac 1.1.1 (-1)8:37.947:15.87432.32 MB0.55390.5706
Ogg Squish 0.98??431.08 MB0.55220.5714
Shorten 3.2a (-p0 -b256, default)9:44.486:31.74433.56 MB0.55550.5729
Kexis 0.2.217:49.0614:53.90434.33 MB0.55640.5750
Shorten 3.2a (-p8 -b2048)12:00.047:25.12438.86 MB0.56220.5810
WavPack 3.97a (fast)5:20.175:12.38441.88 MB0.56610.5857
WaveZIP8:41.72?452.95 MB0.58020.5986
RIFF WAVE77:19.8977:19.89780.56 MB1.00001.0000

Here are the results for each individual track.

Track Codec Encode
Dream Theater
La 0.3c11:37.6911:15.3742.72 MB0.7306
Monkey's Audio 3.99 (insane)10:03.3910:29.3742.99 MB0.7352
Monkey's Audio 3.99 (extra high)2:14.702:19.6243.06 MB0.7364
Monkey's Audio 3.99 (high)1:15.911:19.0043.21 MB0.7391
optimFROG 4.21 (mode 1 @ 4x)1:53.282:00.4543.26 MB0.7398
optimFROG 4.21 (mode 4 @ 1x)25:32.4125:38.1543.26 MB0.7398
Monkey's Audio 3.99 (normal)1:05.101:08.5143.30 MB0.7405
optimFROG 4.21 (mode 0 @ 4x)1:17.951:25.6743.42 MB0.7426
WavPack 3.97a (high)1:10.341:08.6143.49 MB0.7438
RKAU 1.07 (normal)1:57.681:33.3843.81 MB0.7493
Monkey's Audio 3.99 (fast)0:51.650:56.1343.86 MB0.7501
LPAC 1.40 (-r, normal)1:27.610:56.1844.12 MB0.7545
flac 1.1.1 (-8)4:18.720:37.2844.33 MB0.7582
WavPack 3.97a (normal)0:40.240:40.7044.34 MB0.7583
Bonk 0.52:56.032:11.5844.35 MB0.7585
flac 1.1.1 (-5, default)1:01.310:37.0144.41 MB0.7595
Apple Lossless??44.74 MB0.7653
Shorten 3.2a (-p8 -b2048)0:58.810:37.6344.75 MB0.7654
flac 1.1.1 (-3)0:49.050:36.4444.78 MB0.7659
Ogg Squish 0.98??45.17 MB0.7725
Pegasus-SPS4:45.00?45.40 MB0.7765
WavPack 3.97a (fast)0:18.660:18.5946.31 MB0.7920
Kexis 0.2.21:24.831:10.9346.52 MB0.7956
flac 1.1.1 (-1)0:44.000:36.9146.65 MB0.7978
Shorten 3.2a (-p0 -b256, default)0:47.750:32.5646.68 MB0.7984
WaveZIP0:38.99?47.22 MB0.8077
RIFF WAVE5:47.565:47.5658.47 MB1.0000
Eddie Warner
La 0.3c5:24.565:13.2914.76 MB0.5298
LPAC 1.40 (-r, normal)0:40.760:21.2114.77 MB0.5298
flac 1.1.1 (-8)1:57.870:15.0515.01 MB0.5385
optimFROG 4.21 (mode 1 @ 4x)0:53.390:55.5215.01 MB0.5385
optimFROG 4.21 (mode 4 @ 1x)12:02.5412:03.7615.02 MB0.5390
flac 1.1.1 (-5, default)0:28.170:15.0515.12 MB0.5424
optimFROG 4.21 (mode 0 @ 4x)0:36.810:39.1915.13 MB0.5429
RKAU 1.07 (normal)0:54.820:42.7115.15 MB0.5435
Monkey's Audio 3.99 (extra high)1:03.041:04.5515.15 MB0.5436
Monkey's Audio 3.99 (insane)4:44.064:55.1715.18 MB0.5447
Monkey's Audio 3.99 (high)0:34.330:36.2315.26 MB0.5474
Monkey's Audio 3.99 (normal)0:29.620:31.3815.27 MB0.5479
flac 1.1.1 (-3)0:22.210:14.7215.43 MB0.5538
Monkey's Audio 3.99 (fast)0:23.150:25.4415.55 MB0.5579
WavPack 3.97a (high)0:32.150:31.1815.57 MB0.5585
Shorten 3.2a (-p0 -b256, default)0:21.160:13.5515.78 MB0.5662
WavPack 3.97a (normal)0:18.250:17.6715.86 MB0.5692
Shorten 3.2a (-p8 -b2048)0:26.820:16.7516.21 MB0.5818
Apple Lossless??16.36 MB0.5871
flac 1.1.1 (-1)0:19.750:15.7616.39 MB0.5880
Bonk 0.51:22.011:00.1216.73 MB0.6003
Ogg Squish 0.98??17.03 MB0.6112
Kexis 0.2.20:38.720:32.2517.40 MB0.6242
WavPack 3.97a (fast)0:08.190:08.7917.49 MB0.6275
WaveZIP0:17.55?17.89 MB0.6420
RIFF WAVE2:35.672:35.6727.87 MB1.0000
Forty-six & 2
La 0.3c12:34.9712:09.0837.42 MB0.5824
optimFROG 4.21 (mode 4 @ 1x)27:58.2828:01.8737.96 MB0.5907
Monkey's Audio 3.99 (insane)10:55.3111:24.7638.00 MB0.5914
Monkey's Audio 3.99 (extra high)2:24.022:33.4438.03 MB0.5919
optimFROG 4.21 (mode 1 @ 4x)2:03.432:09.2738.15 MB0.5937
Monkey's Audio 3.99 (high)1:19.071:24.0238.21 MB0.5947
Monkey's Audio 3.99 (normal)1:07.841:12.0038.38 MB0.5973
optimFROG 4.21 (mode 0 @ 4x)1:24.441:30.9738.68 MB0.6020
WavPack 3.97a (high)1:02.471:14.5438.86 MB0.6048
Monkey's Audio 3.99 (fast)0:53.720:58.8939.09 MB0.6084
RKAU 1.07 (normal)2:16.001:41.8439.42 MB0.6135
WavPack 3.97a (normal)0:29.070:42.8739.92 MB0.6213
LPAC 1.40 (-r, normal)1:38.010:57.5640.25 MB0.6263
Apple Lossless??40.75 MB0.6342
flac 1.1.1 (-8)4:35.080:39.4040.89 MB0.6363
Bonk 0.53:07.202:21.2840.98 MB0.6378
flac 1.1.1 (-5, default)1:05.540:39.6541.04 MB0.6388
flac 1.1.1 (-3)0:50.180:38.9241.74 MB0.6496
Ogg Squish 0.98??42.27 MB0.6578
flac 1.1.1 (-1)0:45.830:40.8942.70 MB0.6646
Kexis 0.2.21:30.091:16.2942.75 MB0.6652
Shorten 3.2a (-p8 -b2048)1:02.420:37.8443.06 MB0.6701
Shorten 3.2a (-p0 -b256, default)0:51.290:34.5943.18 MB0.6721
WavPack 3.97a (fast)0:31.260:28.7943.65 MB0.6794
WaveZIP0:42.84?44.52 MB0.6930
RIFF WAVE6:21.926:21.9264.25 MB1.0000
Cannibal Corpse
Mummified In Barbed Wire
La 0.3c6:35.946:23.5722.69 MB0.6798
Monkey's Audio 3.99 (insane)5:42.635:59.5322.83 MB0.6839
Monkey's Audio 3.99 (extra high)1:15.581:19.3122.85 MB0.6847
optimFROG 4.21 (mode 4 @ 1x)14:34.2814:37.6922.95 MB0.6877
Monkey's Audio 3.99 (high)0:41.910:45.4923.18 MB0.6945
Monkey's Audio 3.99 (normal)0:36.030:38.3423.24 MB0.6963
optimFROG 4.21 (mode 1 @ 4x)1:03.961:08.8523.31 MB0.6984
RKAU 1.07 (normal)1:09.710:56.6623.34 MB0.6993
LPAC 1.40 (-r, normal)1:05.380:36.2023.53 MB0.7050
WavPack 3.97a (high)0:32.990:40.0523.57 MB0.7062
optimFROG 4.21 (mode 0 @ 4x)0:44.140:48.7123.95 MB0.7176
Monkey's Audio 3.99 (fast)0:28.610:31.5324.14 MB0.7234
flac 1.1.1 (-8)2:25.590:20.8524.18 MB0.7245
flac 1.1.1 (-5, default)0:34.660:21.4224.30 MB0.7282
Bonk 0.51:40.381:14.5824.36 MB0.7297
Apple Lossless??24.37 MB0.7301
WavPack 3.97a (normal)0:15.990:23.5024.76 MB0.7418
Shorten 3.2a (-p8 -b2048)0:33.740:22.4725.12 MB0.7526
flac 1.1.1 (-3)0:27.400:20.1125.16 MB0.7539
Ogg Squish 0.98??25.23 MB0.7558
Kexis 0.2.20:47.130:40.6726.03 MB0.7799
flac 1.1.1 (-1)0:24.040:21.6826.10 MB0.7819
WavPack 3.97a (fast)0:16.790:21.6426.17 MB0.7841
Shorten 3.2a (-p0 -b256, default)0:28.200:20.4626.61 MB0.7972
WaveZIP0:22.25?26.89 MB0.8058
RIFF WAVE3:18.363:18.3633.37 MB1.0000
Alanis Morisette
Hand In My Pocket
La 0.3c7:35.217:20.1920.77 MB0.5312
Monkey's Audio 3.99 (insane)6:36.656:53.3121.22 MB0.5427
optimFROG 4.21 (mode 4 @ 1x)16:51.8216:54.3421.24 MB0.5433
optimFROG 4.21 (mode 1 @ 4x)1:14.291:18.0621.36 MB0.5464
Monkey's Audio 3.99 (extra high)1:26.931:31.7421.40 MB0.5475
Monkey's Audio 3.99 (high)0:47.190:50.4521.66 MB0.5540
Monkey's Audio 3.99 (normal)0:41.570:45.6621.76 MB0.5565
optimFROG 4.21 (mode 0 @ 4x)0:51.390:54.9721.89 MB0.5598
Monkey's Audio 3.99 (fast)0:31.890:35.9222.13 MB0.5660
WavPack 3.97a (high)0:45.070:43.8822.28 MB0.5699
WavPack 3.97a (normal)0:25.400:24.8022.80 MB0.5832
RKAU 1.07 (normal)1:21.181:01.6022.80 MB0.5833
LPAC 1.40 (-r, normal)1:01.110:33.7923.25 MB0.5948
Bonk 0.51:53.411:23.5223.35 MB0.5972
flac 1.1.1 (-8)2:46.090:23.1423.45 MB0.5998
flac 1.1.1 (-5, default)0:39.820:21.8123.56 MB0.6026
Apple Lossless??23.64 MB0.6047
Ogg Squish 0.98??24.11 MB0.6167
flac 1.1.1 (-3)0:30.580:22.0524.32 MB0.6221
Shorten 3.2a (-p8 -b2048)0:37.490:22.9324.72 MB0.6323
Kexis 0.2.20:54.260:45.6424.80 MB0.6345
flac 1.1.1 (-1)0:26.460:22.1424.82 MB0.6348
WavPack 3.97a (fast)0:16.670:17.0224.94 MB0.6381
Shorten 3.2a (-p0 -b256, default)0:29.710:18.9225.34 MB0.6481
WaveZIP0:28.05?25.95 MB0.6638
RIFF WAVE3:52.363:52.3639.09 MB1.0000
Gloria Estefan
La 0.3c8:52.938:34.8128.98 MB0.6419
optimFROG 4.21 (mode 4 @ 1x)19:40.5319:44.4729.43 MB0.6517
Monkey's Audio 3.99 (insane)7:41.958:01.9529.48 MB0.6528
Monkey's Audio 3.99 (extra high)1:42.171:46.6229.49 MB0.6530
optimFROG 4.21 (mode 1 @ 4x)1:26.641:32.2329.58 MB0.6550
Monkey's Audio 3.99 (high)0:57.621:00.7429.69 MB0.6576
optimFROG 4.21 (mode 0 @ 4x)0:59.591:05.2929.78 MB0.6595
Monkey's Audio 3.99 (normal)0:48.440:53.2929.83 MB0.6605
WavPack 3.97a (high)0:53.500:51.9029.92 MB0.6625
Monkey's Audio 3.99 (fast)0:38.480:43.9130.20 MB0.6689
WavPack 3.97a (normal)0:29.840:29.9230.28 MB0.6706
RKAU 1.07 (normal)1:37.851:12.1530.34 MB0.6719
Bonk 0.52:13.341:39.4430.64 MB0.6785
flac 1.1.1 (-8)3:16.070:27.5330.76 MB0.6811
LPAC 1.40 (-r, normal)1:14.080:44.6430.81 MB0.6823
flac 1.1.1 (-5, default)0:46.300:26.7430.86 MB0.6834
Apple Lossless??30.91 MB0.6847
Ogg Squish 0.98??31.06 MB0.6879
WavPack 3.97a (fast)0:13.310:14.1531.61 MB0.7000
flac 1.1.1 (-3)0:35.880:27.6531.63 MB0.7006
Shorten 3.2a (-p8 -b2048)0:44.760:27.4831.76 MB0.7034
Kexis 0.2.21:03.910:53.5431.86 MB0.7056
flac 1.1.1 (-1)0:32.510:27.3031.99 MB0.7085
Shorten 3.2a (-p0 -b256, default)0:35.740:23.6432.47 MB0.7191
WaveZIP0:29.42?33.02 MB0.7313
RIFF WAVE4:28.394:28.3945.15 MB1.0000
White Room
La 0.3c10:24.0810:03.1633.44 MB0.6309
optimFROG 4.21 (mode 4 @ 1x)22:59.0523:02.9833.93 MB0.6399
Monkey's Audio 3.99 (insane)9:02.779:26.7533.95 MB0.6404
optimFROG 4.21 (mode 1 @ 4x)1:42.281:47.5533.96 MB0.6405
Monkey's Audio 3.99 (extra high)1:59.732:04.4634.00 MB0.6413
Monkey's Audio 3.99 (high)1:05.801:09.3834.11 MB0.6435
Monkey's Audio 3.99 (normal)0:56.670:59.5634.25 MB0.6460
optimFROG 4.21 (mode 0 @ 4x)1:10.301:15.9934.29 MB0.6468
WavPack 3.97a (high)0:51.501:02.7134.55 MB0.6516
RKAU 1.07 (normal)1:50.801:24.9834.60 MB0.6527
LPAC 1.40 (-r, normal)1:25.160:48.6734.84 MB0.6572
Monkey's Audio 3.99 (fast)0:44.600:48.9234.85 MB0.6574
Bonk 0.52:35.361:56.2034.96 MB0.6595
flac 1.1.1 (-8)3:48.730:31.9134.99 MB0.6601
WavPack 3.97a (normal)0:24.430:36.0935.08 MB0.6617
flac 1.1.1 (-5, default)0:54.890:33.8235.16 MB0.6633
flac 1.1.1 (-3)0:41.380:32.0035.36 MB0.6671
Shorten 3.2a (-p8 -b2048)0:51.440:33.0235.40 MB0.6677
Apple Lossless??35.46 MB0.6689
Ogg Squish 0.98??35.74 MB0.6742
WavPack 3.97a (fast)0:26.000:24.8336.32 MB0.6852
Shorten 3.2a (-p0 -b256, default)0:41.140:28.9136.42 MB0.6870
flac 1.1.1 (-1)0:36.870:33.3936.56 MB0.6897
Kexis 0.2.21:13.871:02.9036.64 MB0.6911
WaveZIP0:35.77?37.13 MB0.7004
RIFF WAVE5:15.115:15.1153.01 MB1.0000
Maurice Ravel
Fanfare from "L'eventail de Jeanne"
La 0.3c3:55.403:47.606.46 MB0.3104
Monkey's Audio 3.99 (extra high)0:42.680:43.986.75 MB0.3243
Monkey's Audio 3.99 (insane)3:10.933:18.536.78 MB0.3256
optimFROG 4.21 (mode 4 @ 1x)8:22.428:23.326.82 MB0.3274
Monkey's Audio 3.99 (high)0:23.090:24.126.98 MB0.3353
optimFROG 4.21 (mode 1 @ 4x)0:36.570:38.267.09 MB0.3406
RKAU 1.07 (normal)0:40.670:28.527.18 MB0.3451
optimFROG 4.21 (mode 0 @ 4x)0:24.980:26.377.21 MB0.3462
Monkey's Audio 3.99 (normal)0:19.780:20.507.28 MB0.3495
LPAC 1.40 (-r, normal)0:29.010:15.117.33 MB0.3520
WavPack 3.97a (high)0:22.630:21.867.45 MB0.3577
Monkey's Audio 3.99 (fast)0:15.600:16.767.50 MB0.3601
flac 1.1.1 (-8)1:20.730:09.517.69 MB0.3692
flac 1.1.1 (-5, default)0:18.950:09.457.71 MB0.3703
flac 1.1.1 (-3)0:14.980:09.197.77 MB0.3734
Apple Lossless??7.82 MB0.3757
WavPack 3.97a (normal)0:12.560:11.957.83 MB0.3760
Bonk 0.50:55.920:40.237.83 MB0.3762
flac 1.1.1 (-1)0:12.970:10.398.12 MB0.3902
Ogg Squish 0.98??8.15 MB0.3914
Shorten 3.2a (-p0 -b256, default)0:13.810:08.888.19 MB0.3932
Shorten 3.2a (-p8 -b2048)0:17.450:10.308.29 MB0.3983
Kexis 0.2.20:26.780:21.908.52 MB0.4091
WaveZIP0:13.11?8.72 MB0.4193
WavPack 3.97a (fast)0:05.350:06.338.87 MB0.4259
RIFF WAVE2:03.762:03.7620.82 MB1.0000
Maurice Ravel
String Quartet (4th movement)
La 0.3c10:45.8010:21.4419.94 MB0.3550
Monkey's Audio 3.99 (insane)9:17.649:43.0320.17 MB0.3590
Monkey's Audio 3.99 (extra high)2:01.232:06.9720.29 MB0.3611
optimFROG 4.21 (mode 4 @ 1x)24:26.9924:29.3620.62 MB0.3671
Monkey's Audio 3.99 (high)1:06.281:09.5920.68 MB0.3681
optimFROG 4.21 (mode 1 @ 4x)1:42.571:47.4820.93 MB0.3725
Monkey's Audio 3.99 (normal)0:56.221:01.2221.05 MB0.3747
optimFROG 4.21 (mode 0 @ 4x)1:09.171:13.1421.23 MB0.3779
RKAU 1.07 (normal)1:52.651:25.3921.30 MB0.3791
Monkey's Audio 3.99 (fast)0:43.690:49.3121.52 MB0.3830
WavPack 3.97a (high)0:52.481:02.2621.55 MB0.3835
LPAC 1.40 (-r, normal)1:20.840:42.7321.96 MB0.3909
WavPack 3.97a (normal)0:23.290:34.2822.11 MB0.3935
Apple Lossless??22.52 MB0.4008
flac 1.1.1 (-8)3:53.930:28.0222.61 MB0.4025
flac 1.1.1 (-5, default)0:54.340:27.9222.68 MB0.4036
Bonk 0.52:33.531:51.9423.18 MB0.4125
flac 1.1.1 (-3)0:40.000:28.1523.21 MB0.4132
flac 1.1.1 (-1)0:34.990:27.7323.36 MB0.4158
Kexis 0.2.21:15.051:03.8623.42 MB0.4168
Shorten 3.2a (-p0 -b256, default)0:39.960:27.3623.71 MB0.4221
Ogg Squish 0.98??24.12 MB0.4293
WavPack 3.97a (fast)0:24.340:22.1725.08 MB0.4463
Shorten 3.2a (-p8 -b2048)0:49.060:29.9425.59 MB0.4554
WaveZIP0:36.60?25.84 MB0.4600
RIFF WAVE5:33.955:33.9556.18 MB1.0000
Sergei Prokofiev
Piano Concerto No.3 (3rd movement)
La 0.3c19:11.6118:28.8032.65 MB0.3243
Monkey's Audio 3.99 (insane)16:21.1617:04.4633.34 MB0.3311
optimFROG 4.21 (mode 4 @ 1x)43:21.8843:26.1833.58 MB0.3335
Monkey's Audio 3.99 (extra high)3:34.863:46.8233.60 MB0.3337
optimFROG 4.21 (mode 1 @ 4x)3:00.573:08.1933.83 MB0.3360
optimFROG 4.21 (mode 0 @ 4x)2:00.852:09.5234.14 MB0.3390
Monkey's Audio 3.99 (high)1:56.682:07.2534.16 MB0.3392
Monkey's Audio 3.99 (normal)1:38.961:48.1734.58 MB0.3434
RKAU 1.07 (normal)3:08.702:26.1735.21 MB0.3496
LPAC 1.40 (-r, normal)2:06.211:11.9235.27 MB0.3502
WavPack 3.97a (high)1:32.781:50.7435.35 MB0.3510
Monkey's Audio 3.99 (fast)1:17.001:27.3535.53 MB0.3528
WavPack 3.97a (normal)0:40.681:00.2936.99 MB0.3673
Apple Lossless??37.32 MB0.3706
flac 1.1.1 (-8)6:51.480:49.4738.07 MB0.3781
flac 1.1.1 (-5, default)1:35.220:47.5738.17 MB0.3791
flac 1.1.1 (-3)1:10.670:46.4038.51 MB0.3824
flac 1.1.1 (-1)1:01.440:53.4039.30 MB0.3903
Shorten 3.2a (-p0 -b256, default)1:10.570:50.0039.49 MB0.3921
Kexis 0.2.22:12.391:49.0039.89 MB0.3962
Bonk 0.54:33.713:19.3840.31 MB0.4003
Ogg Squish 0.98??41.86 MB0.4157
WavPack 3.97a (fast)0:43.240:40.1743.03 MB0.4273
WaveZIP1:05.60?43.67 MB0.4337
Shorten 3.2a (-p8 -b2048)1:26.840:53.1945.34 MB0.4502
RIFF WAVE9:58.479:58.47100.68 MB1.0000
Frederic Chopin
Prelude No.24 in d minor
La 0.3c5:14.835:03.089.84 MB0.3582
Monkey's Audio 3.99 (insane)4:33.424:45.169.96 MB0.3625
Monkey's Audio 3.99 (extra high)0:59.941:01.8710.16 MB0.3699
optimFROG 4.21 (mode 4 @ 1x)11:56.2411:58.7710.34 MB0.3764
Monkey's Audio 3.99 (high)0:32.290:34.4910.40 MB0.3788
optimFROG 4.21 (mode 1 @ 4x)0:50.070:53.4910.41 MB0.3790
Monkey's Audio 3.99 (normal)0:27.350:29.5110.52 MB0.3832
optimFROG 4.21 (mode 0 @ 4x)0:34.060:38.7010.53 MB0.3833
LPAC 1.40 (-r, normal)0:34.910:20.0110.74 MB0.3911
WavPack 3.97a (high)0:31.430:28.9510.76 MB0.3919
RKAU 1.07 (normal)0:54.460:41.5410.88 MB0.3963
Monkey's Audio 3.99 (fast)0:21.100:23.9010.94 MB0.3982
WavPack 3.97a (normal)0:16.900:15.1711.34 MB0.4128
Apple Lossless??11.51 MB0.4191
flac 1.1.1 (-8)1:53.310:13.0611.69 MB0.4256
flac 1.1.1 (-5, default)0:26.050:13.5011.71 MB0.4265
flac 1.1.1 (-3)0:19.820:13.2511.74 MB0.4274
flac 1.1.1 (-1)0:17.610:13.8011.86 MB0.4319
Shorten 3.2a (-p0 -b256, default)0:19.200:11.8912.05 MB0.4386
Kexis 0.2.20:36.700:30.2612.14 MB0.4419
Bonk 0.51:15.450:55.0712.86 MB0.4684
WaveZIP0:18.75?13.08 MB0.4765
Ogg Squish 0.98??13.31 MB0.4845
WavPack 3.97a (fast)0:06.740:08.5113.67 MB0.4978
Shorten 3.2a (-p8 -b2048)0:24.430:14.3214.40 MB0.5242
RIFF WAVE2:43.232:43.2327.46 MB1.0000
Domenico Scarlatti
Sonata K.42 (arr.Yepes for guitar)
La 0.3c3:09.333:01.826.62 MB0.4036
Monkey's Audio 3.99 (insane)2:46.092:52.526.67 MB0.4068
Monkey's Audio 3.99 (extra high)0:36.210:38.166.74 MB0.4109
optimFROG 4.21 (mode 4 @ 1x)7:08.777:09.526.87 MB0.4190
Monkey's Audio 3.99 (high)0:19.600:20.236.91 MB0.4213
optimFROG 4.21 (mode 1 @ 4x)0:30.470:31.956.98 MB0.4255
Monkey's Audio 3.99 (normal)0:16.730:17.606.99 MB0.4261
RKAU 1.07 (normal)0:37.090:26.567.05 MB0.4297
optimFROG 4.21 (mode 0 @ 4x)0:20.680:22.067.07 MB0.4310
WavPack 3.97a (high)0:15.500:18.317.12 MB0.4340
Monkey's Audio 3.99 (fast)0:12.960:14.287.16 MB0.4369
LPAC 1.40 (-r, normal)0:29.990:14.337.21 MB0.4397
WavPack 3.97a (normal)0:07.010:10.277.31 MB0.4460
flac 1.1.1 (-8)1:08.580:07.997.37 MB0.4498
flac 1.1.1 (-5, default)0:15.900:08.717.40 MB0.4513
flac 1.1.1 (-3)0:11.840:08.267.43 MB0.4530
Apple Lossless??7.44 MB0.4541
Bonk 0.50:45.590:32.637.46 MB0.4548
Shorten 3.2a (-p0 -b256, default)0:11.670:07.177.48 MB0.4564
Kexis 0.2.20:22.060:18.627.50 MB0.4572
flac 1.1.1 (-1)0:10.170:07.857.53 MB0.4591
WavPack 3.97a (fast)0:04.110:06.577.58 MB0.4624
Ogg Squish 0.98??7.74 MB0.4723
WaveZIP0:10.56?7.83 MB0.4781
Shorten 3.2a (-p8 -b2048)0:14.290:09.078.20 MB0.5004
RIFF WAVE1:37.431:37.4316.39 MB1.0000
The Benedictine Monks of
Santo Domingo de Silos
Laetatus sum
La 0.3c4:40.714:32.2911.94 MB0.4922
Monkey's Audio 3.99 (insane)4:08.234:18.4312.05 MB0.4968
Monkey's Audio 3.99 (extra high)0:54.170:56.8712.09 MB0.4981
optimFROG 4.21 (mode 4 @ 1x)10:34.7510:36.8312.17 MB0.5015
Monkey's Audio 3.99 (high)0:29.820:31.7112.23 MB0.5042
RKAU 1.07 (normal)0:57.640:41.3912.25 MB0.5049
Monkey's Audio 3.99 (normal)0:25.630:27.4112.42 MB0.5118
optimFROG 4.21 (mode 1 @ 4x)0:45.200:48.4512.43 MB0.5121
LPAC 1.40 (-r, normal)0:45.660:23.2912.62 MB0.5200
optimFROG 4.21 (mode 0 @ 4x)0:31.030:33.6912.63 MB0.5207
WavPack 3.97a (high)0:28.010:27.4312.65 MB0.5213
Bonk 0.51:08.180:49.7012.71 MB0.5237
Monkey's Audio 3.99 (fast)0:19.790:21.7812.76 MB0.5260
flac 1.1.1 (-8)1:43.740:13.2312.82 MB0.5286
flac 1.1.1 (-5, default)0:24.120:13.0812.92 MB0.5325
WavPack 3.97a (normal)0:15.610:15.3512.98 MB0.5348
flac 1.1.1 (-3)0:18.800:13.8512.98 MB0.5349
Apple Lossless??13.04 MB0.5377
WavPack 3.97a (fast)0:11.070:10.3813.30 MB0.5481
Kexis 0.2.20:33.430:28.1113.30 MB0.5481
Shorten 3.2a (-p0 -b256, default)0:17.800:11.4613.32 MB0.5489
flac 1.1.1 (-1)0:15.600:12.8213.34 MB0.5500
Ogg Squish 0.98??13.41 MB0.5528
Shorten 3.2a (-p8 -b2048)0:22.300:13.8713.42 MB0.5531
WaveZIP0:16.37?13.72 MB0.5655
RIFF WAVE2:24.212:24.2124.26 MB1.0000
L. Subramaniam
Raga Sivapriya
La 0.3c41:10.1039:35.2887.51 MB0.4097
Monkey's Audio 3.99 (insane)35:41.1037:34.1789.18 MB0.4175
Monkey's Audio 3.99 (extra high)7:46.708:10.9790.95 MB0.4258
optimFROG 4.21 (mode 4 @ 1x)93:05.0093:16.0092.05 MB0.4310
optimFROG 4.21 (mode 1 @ 4x)6:36.866:57.6992.76 MB0.4343
Monkey's Audio 3.99 (high)4:15.824:35.3393.15 MB0.4361
Monkey's Audio 3.99 (normal)3:38.023:58.7594.32 MB0.4416
optimFROG 4.21 (mode 0 @ 4x)4:29.574:53.0194.74 MB0.4436
RKAU 1.07 (normal)7:16.095:30.3395.91 MB0.4490
WavPack 3.97a (high)3:41.173:56.7096.51 MB0.4518
LPAC 1.40 (-r, normal)4:34.062:37.6896.84 MB0.4534
Monkey's Audio 3.99 (fast)2:49.873:15.3495.34 MB0.4464
WavPack 3.97a (normal)1:50.852:10.5597.75 MB0.4577
flac 1.1.1 (-8)15:02.461:51.1598.02 MB0.4589
flac 1.1.1 (-5, default)3:28.921:53.0798.42 MB0.4608
Apple Lossless??98.57 MB0.4615
Bonk 0.59:56.257:13.6898.94 MB0.4633
flac 1.1.1 (-3)2:38.791:49.9399.22 MB0.4645
Ogg Squish 0.98??101.88 MB0.4770
Shorten 3.2a (-p8 -b2048)3:10.191:56.31102.60 MB0.4804
Shorten 3.2a (-p0 -b256, default)2:36.481:42.35102.84 MB0.4815
Kexis 0.2.24:49.843:59.93103.57 MB0.4849
flac 1.1.1 (-1)2:15.701:51.81103.60 MB0.4851
WavPack 3.97a (fast)1:34.441:24.44103.86 MB0.4863
WaveZIP2:25.86?107.47 MB0.5032
RIFF WAVE21:09.4721:09.47213.56 MB1.0000

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