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All source code and binaries are freely available and distributed under open-source licenses. The codec libraries are distributed under Xiph.Org's BSD license, and the plugins and command-line utilites (flac and metaflac) are distributed under the GPL. If you would like to redistribute parts or all of FLAC under different terms, contact Josh Coalson.


NOTE: these extras are not part of the FLAC project. They are all freely available but distributed under their authors' own terms.

NOTE: don't forget to check out the 'links' section on the main page for a list of other useful open-source software supporting FLAC.

GUI encoding/decoding front-ends:

  • Windows
    • dBpowerAMP, a swiss army knife that can convert and play many formats, including FLAC.
    • Easy CD-DA Extractor, "All-In-One music software; CD-Ripper, CD-Burner, and Music File Format Converter"
    • FLACdrop, an Oggdrop-like frontend for Windows, or the even more versatile oggdropXPd.
    • FLAC frontend, a Windows GUI, or the even more versatile Multi frontend.
    • Frontah, a new frontend to many codecs, including FLAC. Still in beta but has good reviews.
    • MAREO is a "virtual" encoder that can be used with ExactAudioCopy to encode to multiple formats (including FLAC) at once while ripping.
    • Monkey's Audio can be fooled into supporting FLAC as an external encoder; here's how.
  • Unix
    • Grip is a great ripping and encoding front end and can be easily configured to use flac. See this message on how to configure Grip for FLAC.
  • Mac OS X
    • MacFLAC, a FLAC distribution which also includes nice graphical front-end.
    • RipBeak is a nice GUI encoding frond-end that supports FLAC as well as Vorbis and MP3.

CD burning:

  • Windows
    • burnatonce, a CD burning GUI that wraps around cdrdao and mkisofs.
    • Burrrn supports burning CDs from cuesheets directly from many formats, including FLAC, and supports most tag formats.
  • Unix
    • Arson, a front-end to various CD burning and ripping tools.

Third-party plugins:

 Copyright (c) 2000,2001,2002,2003 Josh Coalson