1. 06 Dec, 2014 1 commit
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    • Tristan Matthews's avatar
      build testresample · 0234d452
      Tristan Matthews authored
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      resample: Add NEON optimized inner_product_single for floating point · 4e6faa45
      Jyri Sarha authored
      Also adds inline asm implementations of WORD2INT(x) macro for fixed
      and floating point.
    • Jyri Sarha's avatar
      resample: Add NEON optimized inner_product_single for fixed point · 0e5d424f
      Jyri Sarha authored
      Semantics of inner_product_single have also been changed to contain
      the final right shift and saturation so it can also be implemented in
      the optimal way for the used platform. This change affects fixed point
      calculations only.
      I also added a new fixed point macro SATURATE32PSHR(x, shift, a). It
      does pretty much the same thing as SATURATE32(PSHR32(x, shift), a),
      but it avoids over flowing in rounding up phase in the rare occasion
      where x has already been saturated. It should also be slightly faster.
    • Jyri Sarha's avatar
      configure.ac: Add ARM NEON support · 46b1545c
      Jyri Sarha authored
      Use --enable-neon to force NEON optimization on. The auto detection
      should also work if your CFLAGS supports NEON.
    • Jyri Sarha's avatar
      resample: Calculate full sinc table (e.g. no sinc interpolation) · 0280b024
      Jyri Sarha authored
      On many systems taking couple of kilo-bytes for full sinc table is not
      a problem. With a straight filter table the number of MAC operations
      needed drops to one quarter. Also the inner loop of the filter becomes
      more simple and easier to optimize. So the full sinc table version
      runs much faster in most cases. The trade off is some kilo-bytes
      bigger memory usage and more CPU needed when initializing the
      configure.ac: Add --enable-resample-full-sinc-table conf flag
      Use this flag to enable resampling with full sinc table.
    • Ron's avatar
      Make M_PI the same as what math.h defines it as · 2721dca6
      Ron authored
      Since the math.h one is what most systems will use anyway.
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  15. 07 Dec, 2013 7 commits
    • Ron's avatar
      Don't overlink with libm · 162d9b49
      Ron authored
      This will also work on systems where libm is not required.
    • Ron's avatar
      Prefer the stdint types if available · a181ad4f
      Ron authored
      This is similar to the change we did in libogg some time back,
      it means the generated header is less likely to vary unnecessarily
      between system architectures.
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      Drop the --disable-vbr option from autoconf · e0619498
      Ron authored
      That's not relevant here anymore, it's a speex option.
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      Make autotools a bit less whiny on modern systems · fa008ef4
      Ron authored
      and clean up some more things that belonged to speex but aren't used
      in this source tree.
      Drop the SPEEX*_VERSION variables completely, we only use PACKAGE_VERSION
      in the .pc file in this code.
    • Ron's avatar
      Drop the hardcoded SPEEX_VERSION from arch.h · 04cf9782
      Ron authored
      It's out of date, but isn't used anywhere in this source tree.
      The only place the one from configure.ac is used is in speexdsp.pc.in,
      and that should probably be changed to SPEEXDSP_VERSION now.
    • Ron's avatar
      Drop doc/nb_celp.c · 204658af
      Ron authored
      It's no longer referenced by doc/manual.lyx in this tree.
    • Ron's avatar
      Tidy the speex/*.h includes some more · d59f0842
      Ron authored
      This is a partial revert of 785e61a5.
      The _BUILD_SPEEX special case isn't needed in the public headers, and
      we don't need '../include' relative paths in the internal files.
      Don't include speex.h in jitter.c, it's not needed there, and no longer
      present in this source tree.
      Switch from speex_types.h to speexdsp_types.h in arch.h, it's not clear
      yet what the best thing to do with the latter will be (since they are
      duplicates of each other and must always stay synchronised), but the
      former is no longer present in this source tree anymore either.