Commit 079b9169 authored by Jean-Marc Valin's avatar Jean-Marc Valin
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using "end" rather than nbEBands for trim_offset[]

parent 1e9fb629
......@@ -568,7 +568,7 @@ int compute_allocation(const CELTMode *m, int start, int end, const int *offsets
/* Below this threshold, we're sure not to allocate any PVQ bits */
thresh[j] = IMAX((C)<<BITRES, (3*(m->eBands[j+1]-m->eBands[j])<<LM<<BITRES)>>4);
/* Tilt of the allocation curve */
trim_offset[j] = C*(m->eBands[j+1]-m->eBands[j])*(alloc_trim-5-LM)*(m->nbEBands-j-1)
trim_offset[j] = C*(m->eBands[j+1]-m->eBands[j])*(alloc_trim-5-LM)*(end-j-1)
/* Giving less resolution to single-coefficient bands because they get
more benefit from having one coarse value per coefficient*/
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