Commit d3dc19ba authored by Jean-Marc Valin's avatar Jean-Marc Valin
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SILK/CELT update

parent 3acddca2
celt @ c79c4e3b
Subproject commit e3d39fec7c44d1841e817d3b1986bfdc4d0863a9
Subproject commit c79c4e3bc7270b08a2800a2dd9d9a5f02767024d
silk @ 1bf4f971
Subproject commit 8930d2fa66a775040b264d9d2c5950fd403bb267
Subproject commit 1bf4f9715a93209f681664f2c46cb5a25ee7aaf8
......@@ -155,9 +155,9 @@ int opus_encode(OpusEncoder *st, const short *pcm, int frame_size,
/* Call SILK encoder for the low band */
nBytes = max_data_bytes-1;
if (prefill)
SKP_Silk_SDK_Encoder_prefill_buffer(st->silk_enc, &st->silk_mode, st->delay_buffer, ENCODER_BUFFER);
SKP_Silk_SDK_Encode( st->silk_enc, &st->silk_mode, st->delay_buffer, ENCODER_BUFFER, NULL, 0, 1 );
ret = SKP_Silk_SDK_Encode( st->silk_enc, &st->silk_mode, pcm, frame_size, &enc, &nBytes );
ret = SKP_Silk_SDK_Encode( st->silk_enc, &st->silk_mode, pcm, frame_size, &enc, &nBytes, 0 );
if( ret ) {
fprintf (stderr, "SILK encode error: %d\n", ret);
/* Handle error */
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