Commit f62b3bb9 authored by Jean-Marc Valin's avatar Jean-Marc Valin
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Fix for global stack

parent 9bac8c17
......@@ -915,6 +915,7 @@ int celt_encode_with_ec_float(CELTEncoder * restrict st, const celt_sig * pcm, i
int anti_collapse_rsv;
int anti_collapse_on=0;
int silence=0;
if (nbCompressedBytes<2 || pcm==NULL)
......@@ -2204,7 +2205,7 @@ int celt_decode_with_ec_float(CELTDecoder * restrict st, const unsigned char *da
int anti_collapse_on=0;
int silence;
const int C = CHANNELS(st->stream_channels);
if (len<0 || len>1275 || pcm==NULL)
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