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Fix opus.h for doxygen when referencing alternative values

Doxygen was not able to resolve the references because it looked

Signed-off-by: Mark Harris's avatarMark Harris <>
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......@@ -198,7 +198,7 @@ OPUS_EXPORT OPUS_WARN_UNUSED_RESULT int opus_encoder_get_size(int channels);
* This must be one of 8000, 12000, 16000,
* 24000, or 48000.
* @param [in] channels <tt>int</tt>: Number of channels (1 or 2) in input signal
* @param [in] application <tt>int</tt>: Coding mode (@ref OPUS_APPLICATION_VOIP/@ref OPUS_APPLICATION_AUDIO/@ref OPUS_APPLICATION_RESTRICTED_LOWDELAY)
* @param [in] application <tt>int</tt>: Coding mode (@ref OPUS_APPLICATION_VOIP|@ref OPUS_APPLICATION_AUDIO|@ref OPUS_APPLICATION_RESTRICTED_LOWDELAY)
* @param [out] error <tt>int*</tt>: @ref opus_errorcodes
* @note Regardless of the sampling rate and number channels selected, the Opus encoder
* can switch to a lower audio bandwidth or number of channels if the bitrate
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