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    Fix potential memory leaks with OpusServerInfo. · 0b2fe85a
    Timothy B. Terriberry authored
    In op_[v]open_url() and op_[v]test_url(), if we successfully
     connected to the URL but fail to parse it as an Opus stream, then
     we would return to the calling application without clearing any
     OpusServerInfo we might have filled in when connecting.
    This contradicts the general contract for user output buffers in
     our APIs, which is that they do not need to be initialized prior
     to a call and that their contents are untouched if a function
     fails (so that an application need do no additional clean-up on
    It would have been possible for an application to avoid these leaks
     by always calling opus_server_info_init() before a call to
     op_[v]open_url() or op_[v]test_url() and always calling
     opus_server_info_clear() afterwards (even on failure), but our
     examples don't do this and no other API of ours requires it.
    Fix the potential leaks by wrapping the implementation of
     op_url_stream_vcreate() so we can a) tell if the information was
     requested and b) store it in a separate, local buffer and delay
     copying it to the application until we know we've succeeded.
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