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    Clean up winsock usage. · 25477092
    Timothy B. Terriberry authored and Ralph Giles's avatar Ralph Giles committed
    This keeps differences which can be cleanly abstracted away clean
     (closesocket, ioctlsocket, getsockopt, setsockopt), and makes
     differences which cannot be cleanly abstracted explicit (SOCKET,
     INVALID_SOCKET, WSAGetLastError/WSASetLastError).
    It also gets rid of wsockwrapper.[ch], since it contained just a
     single function.
    This can successfully pass the seeking_example tests on
     big.chained.blob over https when built with i686-w64-mingw32 and
     run under wine.
    It does not solve the certificate distribution problems with using
     OpenSSL on a real Windows system.
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