Commit 3d431ff8 authored by Ricardo Constantino's avatar Ricardo Constantino Committed by Timothy B. Terriberry
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appveyor: use opus artifacts instead of compiling it

parent bd48e3fe
......@@ -8,11 +8,15 @@ platform:
- Win32
- x64
- git clone -q opus
- 'curl -LOG --data-urlencode "job=Configuration: %CONFIGURATION:-NoHTTP=%; Platform: %PLATFORM%" %OPUS_URL%'
- 7z x -oopus-artifacts
- move /Y opus-artifacts opus
- git clone -q ogg
- msbuild opus\win32\VS2015\opus.vcxproj /p:Configuration=%CONFIGURATION:-NoHTTP=%;Platform=%PLATFORM% /m /v:minimal /logger:"C:\Program Files\AppVeyor\BuildAgent\Appveyor.MSBuildLogger.dll"
- msbuild ogg\win32\VS2015\libogg_static.sln /p:Configuration=%CONFIGURATION:-NoHTTP=%;Platform=%PLATFORM% /m /v:minimal /logger:"C:\Program Files\AppVeyor\BuildAgent\Appveyor.MSBuildLogger.dll"
- if %CONFIGURATION:-NoHTTP=%==%CONFIGURATION% git clone -q --branch=OpenSSL_1_0_2-stable openssl
- ps: >-
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