Commit 3d78feff authored by Timothy B. Terriberry's avatar Timothy B. Terriberry
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Major updates to the http backend.

* Now supports HTTP/1.1 persistent connections with pipelining.
  This speeds up chain enumeration on large files by almost a
   factor of 2 over http, and by roughly a factor of 4 over https.
  The difference between http and https is now much smaller.
* Add timeouts to all the socket I/O.
* Estimate the number of available bytes to read and use it when
   making connection re-use decisions.
* Add support for https with proxies using HTTP/1.1 CONNECT
* Fix TLS session re-use (it requires clean shutdown).
* Various other code re-organization and minor improvements.
parent 009ecafb
......@@ -673,6 +673,8 @@ OP_WARN_UNUSED_RESULT OggOpusFile *op_open_memory(const unsigned char *_data,
size_t _size,int *_error);
/**Open a stream from a URL.
See the security warning in op_open_url_with_proxy() for information about
possible truncation attacks with HTTPS.
\param _url The URL to open.
Currently only the <file:>, <http:>, and <https:> schemes
are supported.
......@@ -688,6 +690,18 @@ OP_WARN_UNUSED_RESULT OggOpusFile *op_open_url(const char *_url,
int _flags,int *_error) OP_ARG_NONNULL(1);
/**Open a stream from a URL using the specified proxy.
\warning HTTPS streams that are not served with a Content-Length header may
be vulnerable to truncation attacks.
The abstract stream interface is incapable of signaling whether a connection
was closed gracefully (with a TLS "close notify" message) or abruptly (and,
e.g., possibly by an attacker).
If you wish to guarantee that you are not vulnerable to such attacks, you
might consider only allowing seekable streams (which must have a valid
content length) and verifying the file position reported by op_raw_tell()
after decoding to the end is at least as large as that reported by
op_raw_total() (though possibly larger).
However, this approach will not work for live streams or HTTP/1.0 servers
(which do not support Range requets).
\param _url The URL to open.
Currently only the <file:>, <http:>, and <https:>
schemes are supported.
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