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Update release instructions.

These may not be final since the mingw build wasn't successful
but includes updates from following the process today.
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......@@ -23,10 +23,15 @@ to
Win32 binaries:
- Assuming the mingw cross toolchain:
- rust make -C mingw
- run cd mingw && make
- Downloads versions of libogg, opus, openssl.
- Compiles them.
- Compiles opusfile and examples against the built deps.
- Compiles static opusfile and examples against the built deps.
- Compile dyname opusfile with:
- ./configure --host=i686-w64-mingw32 --prefix=/path/to/builddir/mingw \
- make && make check && make -C doc/latex
- Add api docs to
- mkdir opusfile-${version}-win32
- Copy AUTHORS COPYING README.txt include/opusfile.h to the release dir.
- Merge changes between README.txt and the version in the last
......@@ -45,8 +50,8 @@ Win32 binaries:
- Copy examples/.libs/*.exe to the release dir.
- Strip *.dll *.a *.exe in the release dir.
- In the release dir, run:
sha1sum * > SHA1SUMS.txt
gpg --detach-sign --armor SHA1SUMS.txt
sha256sum * > SHA256SUMS.txt
gpg --detach-sign --armor SHA256SUMS.txt
- In the parent directory, create the archive:
zip -r opusfile-${version} opusfile-${version}-win32/*
- Copy the archive to a clean system and verify the examples work
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