Commit 77121e1b authored by Timothy B. Terriberry's avatar Timothy B. Terriberry
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Relax some assumptions about our seeking success.

There really isn't anything that guarantees we can find timestamps
 within the bounds of the link, or within 2 billion samples of the
 target, if people resort to nasty things like swapping out all of
 the underlying file data on us at the right moment.
Reported by clang's static analysis in

Thanks to kcgen for filing the report.
parent a931e217
......@@ -2654,11 +2654,12 @@ int op_pcm_seek(OggOpusFile *_of,ogg_int64_t _pcm_offset){
if(OP_UNLIKELY(ret<0))return OP_EBADLINK;
/*We skipped too far.
/*We skipped too far, or couldn't get within 2 billion samples of the target.
Either the timestamps were illegal or there was a hole in the data.*/
if(diff>skip)return OP_EBADLINK;
/*TODO: If there are further holes/illegal timestamps, we still won't decode
to the correct sample.
However, at least op_pcm_tell() will report the correct value immediately
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