Commit 87b951c3 authored by Timothy B. Terriberry's avatar Timothy B. Terriberry
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Document that we will always have at least 1 link.

Otherwise we would have failed to open the stream.
parent 4d75f855
......@@ -1414,7 +1414,7 @@ int op_seekable(OggOpusFile *_of) OP_ARG_NONNULL(1);
The actual number of links is not known until the stream is fully opened.
\param _of The \c OggOpusFile from which to retrieve the link count.
\return For fully-open seekable sources, this returns the total number of
links in the whole stream.
links in the whole stream, which will be at least 1.
For partially-open or unseekable sources, this always returns 1.*/
int op_link_count(OggOpusFile *_of) OP_ARG_NONNULL(1);
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