Verified Commit 8f00bcbf authored by Mark Harris's avatar Mark Harris
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Silence clang 10 conversion warning

 src/opusfile.c:3242:18: warning: implicit conversion from 'unsigned
       int' to 'float' changes value from 4294967295 to 4294967296
 src/opusfile.c:3179:29: note: expanded from macro 'OP_PRNG_GAIN'
 # define OP_PRNG_GAIN (1.0F/0xFFFFFFFF)
parent 069dc6e8
......@@ -3176,7 +3176,7 @@ static opus_uint32 op_rand(opus_uint32 _seed){
# define OP_GAIN (32753.0F)
# define OP_PRNG_GAIN (1.0F/0xFFFFFFFF)
# define OP_PRNG_GAIN (1.0F/(float)0xFFFFFFFF)
/*48 kHz noise shaping filter, sd=2.34.*/
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