Improve handling of large channel counts.

Previously, the surround mappings only supported up to 8 channels.
With ambisonics, this has been increased to 227.
This has made a number of arrays that were sized based on the
 maximum channel count less reasonably sized.
In particular, the (static) stereo downmixing table grew from 512
 bytes to over 400kB (of almost entirely zeros), and the
 (laziy-allocated) decoder scratch buffer grew from 45kB to almost

Introduce a new OP_NSURROUND_CHANNELS_MAX constant with the old
 value (8), and use it in the places that deal only with surround
 channel mapping families (this restores the stereo downmixing
 tables to their previous size).
For the decoder scratch buffer, grow it dynamically instead of
 reserving the maximum size in advance, since the 1.25MB number is
 theoretically achievable.

The impact on, e.g., the fixed-point conversion dither and clipping
 state and the current link's channel mapping was less dramatic, so
 these are left as-is.
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