Commit 3d3f2bbe authored by Derek Buitenhuis's avatar Derek Buitenhuis Committed by Luca Barbato
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capi: Add two pass API

Currently, it uses heap allocations to pass the returned slice to
C-land. This isn't much a perf hit, give the infrequent use (once
per frame), and is a lot simpler than having callers provide alloc
Signed-off-by: default avatarDerek Buitenhuis <>
parent 1532889e
......@@ -46,6 +46,10 @@ pub enum EncoderStatus {
/// Generic fatal error
Failure = -1,
/// A frame was encoded in the first pass of a 2-pass encode, but its stats
/// data was not retrieved with rav1e_twopass_out(), or not enough stats data was
/// provided in the second pass of a 2-pass encode to encode the next frame.
NotReady = -2,
impl From<Option<rav1e::EncoderStatus>> for EncoderStatus {
......@@ -58,6 +62,7 @@ impl From<Option<rav1e::EncoderStatus>> for EncoderStatus {
rav1e::EncoderStatus::LimitReached => EncoderStatus::LimitReached,
rav1e::EncoderStatus::Encoded => EncoderStatus::Encoded,
rav1e::EncoderStatus::Failure => EncoderStatus::Failure,
rav1e::EncoderStatus::NotReady => EncoderStatus::NotReady,
......@@ -352,6 +357,71 @@ pub unsafe extern "C" fn rav1e_frame_unref(frame: *mut Frame) {
/// Retrieve the first-pass data of a two-pass encode for the frame that was
/// just encoded. This should be called BEFORE every call to rav1e_receive_packet()
/// (including the very first one), even if no packet was produced by the
/// last call to rav1e_receive_packet, if any (i.e., RA_ENCODER_STATUS_ENCODED
/// was returned). It needs to be called once more after
/// RA_ENCODER_STATUS_LIMIT_REACHED is returned, to retrieve the header that
/// should be written to the front of the stats file (overwriting the
/// placeholder header that was emitted at the start of encoding).
/// It is still safe to call this function when rav1e_receive_packet() returns any
/// other error. It will return NULL instead of returning a duplicate copy
/// of the previous frame's data.
/// Must be freed with rav1e_twopass_unref().
pub unsafe extern "C" fn rav1e_twopass_out(ctx: *mut Context, buf_size: *mut size_t) -> *mut u8 {
let buf = (*ctx).ctx.twopass_out();
if buf.is_none() {
return std::ptr::null_mut();
let v = buf.unwrap().to_vec();
*buf_size = v.len();
Box::into_raw(v.into_boxed_slice()) as *mut u8
pub unsafe extern fn rav1e_twopass_unref(buf: *mut u8) {
if !buf.is_null() {
let _ = Box::from_raw(buf);
/// Ask how many bytes of the stats file are needed before the next frame
/// of the second pass in a two-pass encode can be encoded. This is a lower
/// bound (more might be required), but if 0 is returned, then encoding can
/// proceed. This is just a hint to the application, and does not need to
/// be called for encoding the second pass to work, so long as the
/// application continues to provide more data to rav1e_twopass_in() in a loop
/// until rav1e_twopass_in() returns 0.
pub unsafe extern "C" fn rav1e_twopass_bytes_needed(ctx: *mut Context) -> size_t {
(*ctx).ctx.twopass_bytes_needed() as size_t
/// Provide stats data produced in the first pass of a two-pass encode to the
/// second pass. On success this returns the number of bytes of that data
/// which were consumed. When encoding the second pass of a two-pass encode,
/// this should be called repeatedly in a loop before every call to
/// rav1e_receive_packet() (including the very first one) until no bytes are
/// consumed, or until twopass_bytes_needed() returns 0. Returns -1 on failure.
pub unsafe extern "C" fn rav1e_twopass_in(ctx: *mut Context, buf: *mut u8, buf_size: size_t) -> c_int {
let buf_slice = slice::from_raw_parts(buf, buf_size as usize);
let r = (*ctx).ctx.twopass_in(buf_slice);
match r {
Ok(v) => v as c_int,
Err(v) => {
(*ctx).last_err = Some(v);
/// Send the frame for encoding
/// The function increases the frame internal reference count and it can be passed multiple
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