Commit 93931dbb authored by David Michael Barr's avatar David Michael Barr
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Only document rav1e on travis, not its deps

parent f1c43dbd
......@@ -58,7 +58,7 @@ jobs:
script: cargo bench --verbose
- name: "Doc & Clippy (linter): verifying code quality"
- cargo doc --verbose
- cargo doc --verbose --no-deps
- rustup component add clippy
- cargo clippy --version
- cargo clippy -- -D warnings -A clippy::cast_lossless -A clippy::cast_ptr_alignment -A clippy::cyclomatic_complexity -A clippy::needless_range_loop -A clippy::too_many_arguments -A clippy::type_complexity -A clippy::verbose_bit_mask --verbose
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