Commit fd657219 authored by Ralph Giles's avatar Ralph Giles

Add user creation.

Add a list of users to create accounts for. Installs ssh public
keys from `$user.sshkey` files in a local `keys` directory.

These files are not currently checked into the repository,
since we're unsure about publishing them.
parent 7be142d7
# Ansible playbook for
- name: Configure storage
- name: Configure motherfish
# Run the remaining steps on the target instance.
remote_user: root
# Users to maintain accounts for.
- xiphmont
- giles
- epirat
# Debian installer defaults to `lvm` for the volume group name.
vg: lvm
......@@ -51,3 +57,14 @@
fstype: ext4
opts: defaults,errors=remount-ro
passno: 2
- name: user accounts
name: "{{ item }}"
loop: "{{ users }}"
- name: ssh key access
user: "{{ item }}"
key: "{{ lookup('file', 'keys/{{ item }}.sshkey') }}"
loop: "{{ users }}"
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