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    New motion vector entropy coding · 00f9eb65
    Deb Mukherjee authored
    Adds a new experiment with redesigned/refactored motion vector entropy
    coding. The patch also takes a first step towards separating the
    integer and fractional pel components of a MV. However the fractional
    pel encoding still depends on the integer pel part and so they are
    not fully independent. Further experiments are in progress to see
    how much they can be decoupled without affecting performance.
    All components including entropy coding/decoding, costing for MV
    search, forward updates and backward updates to probability tables,
    have been implemented.
    Results so far:
    derf: +0.19%
    std-hd: +0.28%
    yt: +0.80%
    hd: +1.15%
    Patch: Simplifies the fractional pel models:
    derf: +0.284%
    std-hd: +0.289%
    yt: +0.849%
    hd: +1.254%
    Patch: Some changes in the models, rebased.
    derf: +0.330%
    std-hd: +0.306%
    yt: +0.816%
    hd: +1.225%
    Change-Id: I646b3c48f3587f4cc909639b78c3798da6402678