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    Only do uv intra-mode evaluation when intra mode is checked · 019384f2
    Yunqing Wang authored
    When we encode slide-show clips, for the majority of the time,
    only ZEROMV mode is checked, and all other modes are skipped.
    This change delayed uv intra-mode evaluation until intra mode is
    actually checked. This gave big performance gain for slide-show
    video encoding (2nd pass gain: 18% to 28%). But, this change
    doesn't help other types of videos.
    Also, zbin_mode_boost is adjusted in mode-checking loop, which
    causes bitstream mismatch before/after this change when --best
    or --good with --cpu-used=0 are used.
    Change-Id: I582b3e69fd384039994360e870e6e059c36a64cc
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